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Frontal plane, synonymous with

Coronal plane


Median plane, synonymous with

Sagittal plane


Transverse plane, synonymous with

Axial plane


Coronal plane, synonymous with

Frontal plane


Coronal plane, Taber's

A vertical plane at right angles to a sagittal plane. It divides the body into anterior and posterior portions.

SYN: frontal plane

The coronal or frontal plane runs perpendicular to the sagittal plane. It divides the body into anterior and posterior or front and back.


Sagittal plane, synonymous with

Median plane


Sagittal plane, Taber's

A vertical plane through the longitudinal axis of the body or part of the body, dividing it into right and left parts. If it is through the anteroposterior midaxis and divides the body into right and left halves, it is called a median or midsagittal plane.

SYN: long axis

The sagittal plane runs down through he body, dividing the body into left and right portions. Midsagittal runs through the medial plane and divides along the line of symmetry.


Axial plane, synonymous with

Transverse plan


Axial plane, Taber's

A plane that divides the body into a top and bottom portion.

The transverse or axial plane divides the body into cranial and caudal, or head and tail, portions. CTs are obtained in the axial plane. Axial images are viewed as if you are looking up from below.


Visceral pleura, Taber's

The pleura that covers the lungs and enters into and lines the interlobar fissures. It is loose at the base and at the sternal and vertebral borders to allow for lung expansion.


Parietal pleura, Taber's

The serous membrane that lines the chest cavity; it extends from the mediastinal roots of the lungs and covers the sides of the pericardium to the chest wall and backward to the spine. The visceral and parietal pleural layers are separated only by a lubricating secretion. These layers may become adherent or separated by air or by blood, pus, or other fluids, when the lungs or chest wall are injured or inflamed.


Pleura, Taber's

A serous membrane that enfolds both lungs and is reflected upon the walls of the thorax and diaphragm. The pleurae are moistened with a serous secretion that reduces friction during respiratory movements of the lungs.


Viscera, Taber's

Internal organs enclosed within a cavity, esp. the abdominal organs, but also the lungs and heart.



Within a bronchus.