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Dejar has several meanings, and many expressions use the verb.

They tend to relate to increasing separation, to release something, to relieve something, or to leave something.



To Leave behind or abandon

To Allow (let) something to happen

To Stop, to Give Up, to Let Alone

To Lend ( only in Spain )


His parents allowed (let) him to go to the party.

Sus padres le dejaron ir a la fiesta.


I left my keys at home.

Dejé mis llaves en casa.


My friend left me at the airport.

Mi amigo me dejó en el aeropuerto.


It’s very hard to stop ( abandon or give up ) smoking.

Es muy difícil dejar de fumar.


Leave me alone.

Déjame en paz.

Literally — Leave me in peace.

Use it if someone is bothering or annoying you.


My parents lent me money.

Mis padres me dejaron dinero.

Only in Spain.


Will you give ( lend ) me a piece of paper?

You have no intention of ever returning it.

Me dejas una hoja de papel?

This is one of many ways to ask this.

Use “Dejar”, only if it is something of little value which will never be returned.

HOJA means leaf, but is also used to mean a sheet of paper.


Let ( allow ) me finish this homework and we will go.

Déjame terminar esta tarea y nos vamos.


Would you lend ( perhaps “leave” ) me your car?

¿Me dejarías tu coche?