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What are 2 important factors architect must consider before accepting a project?

1. Is client's budget sufficient to cover construction and professional fees?
2. Reputation + reliability of client


If client is using a bidding method, what does this usually indicate?

That the client is very concerned with cost and it is likely the client could file a claim to save or recover $


Who decides on the project delivery method?

The owner


When should the project delivery method be confirmed?

Before the agreement between the architect and client is final


List 2 scenarios where a construction manager method may be preferred

1. When the firm is small and doesn't have the expertise to administer the project
2. Cost is main priority


When may a design assist method be preferred?

When an inexperienced firm is working on a large and complex project they may need specialty consultants in the early phases of design and during CDs


List 4 reasons why a design build method may be preferred

1. If a small firm is risk averse
2. If a firm focuses on design more than documentation and CA
3. If the architect wants to maintain control and is concerned with quality
4. If schedule is a concern


List 2 reasons why the ipd method may be preferred

1. Large scope projects
2. If quality is most important


When would a fast-track method be used?

When client has a tight schedule


Name 2 types of project delivery methods that do not require bidding

1. Design build
2. Fast track


What are 2 types of project delivery methods that could be used if there are many unknowns on a project?

1. Design-Bid-Build using a cost plus fee (with or without a GMP)
2. Design-Build led by construction contractor (w/ guaranteed maximum price)


What is an advantage of using the IDP project delivery method?

Shorter construction time means lower cost and better design


What are the 7 components of selecting a project delivery method?

1. Firm size and experience
2. Project scope
3. Schedule
4. cost
5. Building quality
6. Risk
7. Protecting intellectual property


List the 6 types of project delivery methods

1. Design-Bid-Build
2. Construction Manager as an advisor
3. Construction Manager as a constructor
4. Design-Build
5. Design assist contracting
6. Integrated project Delivery


What project delivery method traditionally yields the lowest cost but can be risky for the client?



In a design-bid-build project delivery method who does the owner have separate contracts with?

The architect and the contractor


What are the advantages to using a design-bid-build project delivery method?

1, all roles are well defined
2. Coordination problems are minimized


Describe The design-bid build project delivery method

Arch designs proj. and prepares specs. → contractor bidding/negotiation → award → contractor builds project


What is the disadvantage to using the design-bid-build project delivery method?

Design must be complete before construction can begin


In a construction manager as adviser position, who hires the cm?

The owner


Do the architect and cm have separate contracts in a CMa project delivery method?



What is the cm's role in a CMA project delivery method?

I. Acts as agent for owner (like the architect)
2. Advises on constructibility, provides cost estimating, schedule, will sometimes provide GMP and substantial completion date


What are 3 methods the cm might use to establish construction costs?

1. Fixed price (stipulated or lumpsum) method
2. Cost + fee method W/ GMP
3. Cost + fee method w/o GMP


Describe the fixed fee cost method in a CMA project delivery method

Owner knows cost before construction begins and is not responsible for any cost over-runs but does not receive any savings the contractor may find


Describe the cost + fee method for a CMA project delivery

Owner pays actual cost of construction plus a fee that is agreed upon before construction begins

It contractor includes a GMP and the project is completed for less, the owner receives the savings


When is fast-tracking used?

Most commonly when there is a cm on board, but it can be used with any project delivery method


Describe fast-tracking

Construction can begin before design is done - documents are issued in stages thru bid packages


What is the advantage to fast-tracking?

Reduces time and cost


What is the disadvantage to fast-tracking?

Requires many prime contracts and a lot of coordination


Describe the construction manager as constructor project delivery method

Contracting firm has single contract with owner to provide services covering cm and construction

Cm work is divided into 2 phases (preconstnction and construction) which can proceed concurrently to fast-track