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When the welfare of a child is in question, the state has the ability to intervene through a _________ case. Dependency proceedings in Florida usually begin when a child is ________ (removed from her parents’ or legal guardians’ legal custody) because there is __________ __________ to believe the child is being _______, _________, or _________.

dependency ; sheltered ; probable cause ; abused, abandoned, neglected,


Generally, the court does not conduct a ________ hearing until the _________ of ________ and ________ files a ___-__________ study with the court that contains the department’s recommendation regarding the child’s _________.

disposition ; Department of Children and Families ; pre-disposition ; placement


The disposition must be held within ____ days following the adjudicatory hearing.



A trial is subsequently held to determine whether a ____________ of the _______ shows the child is ___________ upon the state for care or custody.

preponderance of the evidence ; dependent


If the child is _________ dependent, the parents enter into a case plan, which outlines certain tasks the parents must successfully complete in order for the child to return to or remain in their care and custody.



When the parents substantially comply with the case plan, and if the child has safely remained in the custody of the parents for ___ _______, the court may terminate supervision and terminate jurisdiction over the case.

six months


A circuit court cannot terminate its jurisdiction over a dependency proceeding if a child has been returned to a parent unless at least ____ ________have passed or the child has reached the age of __.

six months ; 18


What is the legal standard that the court must apply in proceedings relating to child dependency or child in need of services?

A preponderance of the evidence


While generally an arraignment hearing must be held within ___ days of the shelter hearing if the child is placed in shelter care, such a hearing must be held within ___ days of the filing of a dependency petition when there has been a demand for the expedited filing of the petition.

28 ; 7