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Marriages that are not permitted in Florida

Sham marriages, marriage to a minor without parental consent, and Common-Law marriage


Issuing a marriage license in Florida

1. 3 day waiting period, unless waived for good cause or if one of the parties is a non-resident
2. common law marriage not recognized, unless if it was entered into prior to 1968 or if it was entered into in another state that recognizes common-law marriages
3. A marriage license will not be issues if at least one spouse is currently married, if it is a sham marriage, or if the parties are too closely related
5. Proxy marriages are not permitted


Factors the court takes into consideration when awarding alimony

1. Length of marriage

2. Future responsibilities for minor children of payee spouse

3.Age and health of payor spouse


Grounds for divorce in Florida

The marriage is irretrievably broken


Annulments in Florida

1. An annulment will affect the legal status of marital children.

2. Failure to seek an annulment in a timely manner after discovering a defect in the marriage can prevent a party from obtaining an annulment.

3. Condonation and ratification are available defenses in an annulment action.


Will the remarriage of the payor for alimony automatically terminate duty to pay?



What type of alimony requires the court to develop a specific and definite plan, such as a budget for expenses?

rehabilitative alimony


A child is deemed dependent if the court finds ___________________ that the child has been abandoned, abused, or neglected by the child’s parents.

by a preponderance of the evidence