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What is the decision making frame work designed to do.

Assist is determining appropriate management action


What must you consider when determining management action

Complaint resolution process
Mandatory notifications
If the management action is commensurate of the seriousness of the issue
Interim management action
Welfare of the officer involved.


What are the issues to consider when determining the seriousness of a complaint


Expectations of community & police
Implications on the workplace
Possibility of litigation
Any injuries or damage to property
Impact of duty type or location.
Does experience or rank impact on the matter.
Any criminal issues
Was there coercion or influence over police.


What are the management processes relating to the decision making framework

Can it be dealt with under complaint resolution process
Is it a mandatory notification
Does it relate to a probationary constable


What are the issues to consider when determining the level of management action

Any acknowledgement of wrong doing
Did officer co-operate during investigation
One off or pattern of behaviour
Was it lack of knowledge or conscious disregard
Any personal issues
Complaint history
Mitigating circumstances
Work place or environmental issues (supervisory, systems, procedures)


What are the 4 interim management actions possible

No action
Section 173 non reviewable
Section 173 reviewable
Section 181D nomination 80(3) for pro constables .


Why would you take no action for an interim management plan

So trivial that there is no need to take any action


What action could you take as an interim management plan for 173 non reviewable

Mentoring training and development
Increase supervision
Reprimand/ warning
Retraining/ development
Restricted duties
Non disciplinary transfer
Change of shift (no financial penalty for a short time)
Performance agreement.


What are examples of 173 reviewable actions.

Mandatory notification to IRP.

reduction in rank/ seniority
Deferral of increment
Any other action ( no fine or dismissal)

Pro/Cst referred to Corporate services of professional standards.


Who must refer the matter to for a 181D

Internal review panel


What section relates to dismissal of a probationary constable and who is it referred to.

Section 80(3) police act. Must be referred to office of professional standards corporate services.