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Key Ingredients in Detective Fiction

-crime scene
-cliff hangers
-red herrings
-plot twist
-multiple theories
-sub plots


Why is detective fiction so popular?

-strong, forward, moving, pacy, plot
-satisfaction of resolution CATHARSIS
-familiar characters - stereotypes? series?
-being as smart as (or smarter) than the detective in solving the problem
-nosiness, human tragedy is always interesting
-living vicariously; experience the worst without having to live it; experience a different social class - detectives can move between classes easily.
-allows writers to present complex and challenging ideas in a format that is familiar and safe for the readers



Characterisation refers to how a character is presented. This can be information given to the audience by the author about how they look, their behaviour or personality.


Who wrote Sherlock Holmes?

Arthur Conan Doyle


Who is Sherlock Holmes' assistant?

John Watson and he is a doctor.