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Culture definition:

The ideas and customs, and social behaviour of a particular country or society.



-rites of passages
-social practices
-art celebrations
-way of life



an idea or feeling which a word invokes for a person in addition to its literal primary meaning



The tone of a literary work is the perspective or attitude that the author/speaker adopts with regards to a specific character, place or development. Tone can portray a variety of emotions ranging from solemn, grave, and critical to witty, wry and humorous. Tone helps the reader ascertain the writer's feelings towards a particular topic and this in turn influences the reader's understanding of the story.



As a literary device, mood is the emotional feeling or atmosphere that a work of literature produces in a reader. All works of literature produce some sort of emotional and psychological effect in the audience; though every reader may respond differently to the same work of literature there is often a similar type of mood produced. For example, in a thriller most reader will feel some sort of suspense, while dramatic novels may produce a sense of individuality.


Who wrote Island Man?

Grace Nichols


Who is Grace Nichols?

Grace Nichols is a poet who was born in 1950 in Georgetown, Guyana and was educated in Guyana as well. She moved to Britain in 1977.


Grace Nichols education and career:

She took a diploma in Communications from the University of Guyana and worked as a teacher, as a journalist and in government information services.


What has Grace Nichols written?

She has written many poems such as "Praise Song for my Mother", "Cat Rap", "Hurricane Hits England", "Island Man" and plenty more. Her poetry is characterised by Caribbean rhythms and culture, and is also influenced by Guyanese and Amerindian folklore. Grace Nichols has written several books of poetry and a novel for adults called "Whole of a Morning Sky". She has also written books for children which include a collection of short stories and poetry anthologies.


Grace Nichols Awards:

-1983: Commonwealth Poetry Prize for her poem 'I is along Memoried Woman' which she is very famous for.
-1986: Arts Council Writers' Award
-1996: Guyana Poetry Prize for her poem "Sunris"
-2000: Cholmondely Award
-2007: Elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature
-2008: Guyana Poetry Award for "Never Live Unloved"