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How long to check for carotid to confirm no pulse

10 sec


When is the process of confirming asystole?

Check 2 leads
Run a 6 second strip


Where does rigor start?

Begins in jaw and ends in feet


When does rigor start?
When is rigor at is max?

Start - 1-6 hours
Max at 6-24 hours


When does lividity begin to develop?
When dot it reach its max?

1/2-2 hrs
8-12 hrs


6 Conditions that require minimal examination to confirm Death.

1) Decapitation
2) Incineration
3) Decomposition
4) Separation of brain or heart from body
5) Rigor Mortis - physical exam of jaw and one limb.
6) Submersion greater than 6 hours


How to confirm Liver Mortis -Lividity

Physical Exam of body (obvious no pulse/resp)
Confirm in 2 leads - 6 sec strip


What 2 factors are needed to confirm death in a traumatic injury?

1) Absence of all pulses
2) Asystole in 2 leads or PEA < or equal to 40


You have a traumatic injury pt. No REsp/pulse. Hook up the monitor and find that the pt has a PEA rate. What now?

Determine the rate? < or equal to 40 ok to discontinue. Make sure this is PEA and not a brady rhythm.


When can you consider to terminate a code? (running ALS)

1) 3mg of EPI
2) 20 min of ALS