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1 month old

Head lifted momentarily
Head lag upon sitting
Watches person
Follows moving object
Begins to smile


2 month

Head is raised slightly farther
Follow moving object 180 degrees
Smiles and coos on social contact


3 months

Lies with head in midline
Waves symmetrically hands loosely open
Visually alert (can be given colored toys)
Finger play
Clasp and unclasp hands (hold rattle)
Turns eyes or head towards sound
Vocalizes ah or ngah


4 month

Lift head and chest
Symmetric posture dominates
No head lag
Can sit with full support


6 months

Looks at feet
Sits with support
Rolls over
Palmar grasp
Turn to mother's voice
Laugh, squels ans babbles
Puts hand to bottle amd pat
Shake rattle


9 month old

Pulls to stand holding on to support
Attempts to crawl, inferior grasp
Looks for fallen object
Babbles mama or papa
Shouts and listens
Understans no and bye
Holds, bites and chews a biscuit
Tries to grasp spoon
Peek a boo and hand clapping
Separation anxiety
Transition objects


1yr old

Stands alone or walks
Crawl upstairs
Pick up fine object
Knows and turns to own name
Jargon loudly
Understand 1 step command
Pat a cake and bye


Gross motor seen in a 2 yr old

Extremely energetic
Walk run stop start
Walks upstairs one foot at a time
Climb onto furniture
Appreciate depth of stairs
Throw and kick
Tend to misjudge sizes and distance


Motor skills of a 3yr old

Walk up stairs with alternating feet
Stand on one leg momentarily
Throws and catches ball
Can relate size to opening and spaces


Motor skills of a 4 yr old

Climb ladders and trees
Walks and runs skillfully
Goes up and down easily
Balance on 1 leg momentarily
Increase skill in ball game
Turns at sharp corners


Fine motor skill of a 2 yr old

Build tower 6-7 cubes
Hold pencil with preferred hand. Palmar grip
Circular to scribbles to dots
Handedness is determined
Enjoys picture books
Turn page singly
Imitates vertical lines


Fine motor of a 3yr old

Build tower 8-9 cubes
Hold pencil conventional
Cuts with scissor
Copies circles and draw a man
Enjoy painting with a large brush
Threads and beads


Fine motor of a 4 yr old

Build 10 or more
Tripod grip
Match and name 4 primary colors
Copies cross and letters
Draws a man with head legs trunk and recognizable house


Fine motor of a 5 yr old

Colors picture neatly
Copies square
Writes atleast 10 letters
Can draw.ans match colors with 10-12 Colors
Counts finger on one hand


Receptive Language of a 2 yr old

Understand many words
Enjoys doing little errands
Carries out simple instruction
Increase of vocabulary


Expressive language of a 2yr old

Hands and names familiar object
Ask for things by name
Uses 50 or more words
2 word sentences
Intelligible to family
Jargon is disappearing
Talks to self
Joins nursery rhyme
Language explosion


Language of a 3yr old

Speech is well developed fairly clear
Listens eagerly to stories
Extensive vocab
Carries simple instruction
Give full name age and sex
Describe present and past
Counts 10 or more
Knows nursery rhymes


Language of a 4yr old

Speech is grammatically correct
Listen and tell stories
Full name age home address
Ask how
Apt to exaggerate
Counts to 20


Language of a 5 yr old

Speech is fluent
Grammatically and phonetically correct
Concrete noun
Understand 4 to 5 step command
Gives Full name age birthday and address
Loves to read and tell stories
Sense of humor
Sings nursery rhyme and jingles


Personal and social of 2 yr old

Spoon feed without spilling
Puts on shoes
Verbalize toilet needs
Usually dry thru day
Imitate domestic activities
No interaction
Demands mother attention
No understanding of need


Personal and social of a 3yr old

Eats with spoon and fork
Pulls pants down and up needs help with buttons
Dry thru night
Help in domestic activities
Make believe friends
Floor play


General behavior of a 3yr old

More amenable, affectionate and confiding
Joins make believe with other
Shows affection to younger sibling


Personal and social of a 4yr kld

Skilfully with spoon and fork
Aware and attend to toilet needs
Likes companionship
Brush teeth
Floor games


Gen behavior of a 4yr old

More independent
Strong selfwill
Verbal impertenence
Cooperative and aggressive
Concern for sibling
Understand taking turns and sharing