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What is Lean Development? Making beef cutlets?

First developed in 1950s by Toyota
7 Principles
1. Eliminate Waste -> Anything not needed for customer. REmove
2. Build in quality -> everything has to be high quality
3. Create knowledge -> Try to get others to learn about what other teams are doing
4. Commit as late as possible -> Don't do stuff until you have to. Things change
5. Deliver as fast as possible -> Faster is always better
6. Empower the team -> Big people listen to small people
7. Optimize the whole -> Make sure not just the subsystems are optimized but the whole


What is Waterfall Development?

Development like a waterfall... development happens sequentially.
- Requirements
- Design
- Development
- Testing
- Deployment
- User-testing
- Maintenance
---- Most suitable for hardware projects..


What is Iterative Development?

At any given time more than one iteration of the product is in the design cycle.
- Long for large products
- Very incremental and iterative..
- Initially developed to avid issues with Waterfall
- Very compatible with Agile


What is Backlog?

List of deliverables necessary for a project/ product


How to test properly?

1. Component / sub-system testing
2. Integration testing
3. Full system testing (Unit testing)
4. Field testing
5. Iteration on User testing and feedback
6. Beta releases


What is Quality Assurance and Quality Control? Differences?

QA: Avoiding Mistakes and preventing a faulty product
QC: The umbrella term for Quality Control. QA is under It. Involves other aspects such as manufacturing, the company itself and finances
- Failure testing, Statistical control, Company Quality, Total Quality Control


How does the Project Management technique Scrum work?

- Teams work in Sprints (Period of time where each member delivers deliverables - not whole Project)
- End result should always be stable before continuing
- Usually two week periods
Members of Scrum:
1. Scrum Master -> Mentor, removes blockers
2. Product Owner -> Defines requirements, constant user-testing, milestone reviews, scheduling
3. Development team: Everyone else on the team how actually builds
- Usually uses stand up meetings -> Each person explains blockers and progress


What are Project Breakdown techniques?

Project Break down ->Breaks down the project into subsections. The amount that each person can do can't add up to >100%
Gantt Charts ->
Task Assignment -> Assign weighting to each task during sprints or something. So that one person doesn't have too many long hard ones while everyone else has easy
Time Management...


Describe Cost Projection

Different from Cost Benefit Analysis. CBA looks at benefits as well. CP doesn't.
1. Identify Costs :O
2. Estimate each item
3. Unexpected Costs..
4. Track with cumulative differences (DON"T FORGET TAXES CUZZ ALI LIKES TAXES)


How to do Risk Assessment

Fancy chart with low med and high stuffs. But in your risk relative to that.
- Eliminate
- Delay
- Transfer
- Accept


What is the bus test?

Ensuring that one member doesn't have all the information. So if they die the project can continue