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Development occurs in a ___ and ____ progression



What are the types of development?

Motor (fine. gross)


acquisition of ___ motor skills precedes __ motor skills

gross motor
fine motor


____ occur prior to large developmental leaps when the child is more fussy and sleepy



___ language precedes ____ language



what is the progression of expressive language?

cooing--> babbling --> single word --> putting 2-3 words together --> telling a story


Developmental Milestones for 1 month old (5) 

Showing startle response (extinguishes after 1-2 months)

Responds to sound by blinking, crying, quieting

Fixates on human face and follows w/ eyes

Moves all extremities, Has flexed posture

When crying, can usually be consoled by being spoken to or held


2 months developmental milestones (4) 

- Coos and vocalizes reciprocally, attentive to voices

- Smiles responsively

- In prone position, lifts head, neck, and upper chest w/ support on forearms, some head control in upright position

- Shows interest in visual and auditory stimuli


4 months (personality starts to show) (6) 

- Rolls over from front to back

- Babbles and coos, Smiles, laughs, squeals

- Spontaneous social smile

- Controls head well, In prone position, holds head upright and raises body on hands

- Opens hands, holds own hands, grasps rattle

- Begins to bat at objects


6 months developmetal milestone 

- Babbling: Vocalizes single consonants (baba, dada), Babbles reciprocally

- Transfers small objects from hand to hand

- Rakes in small objects

- Sits w/ support


9 months developmental milestones (6)

- Cruising: Crawls, creeps, scooting on bottom

- May pull to stand

- Uses inferior pincer (thumb and finger) grasp

- Stranger anxiety

- Says mama and dada nonspecifically

- Starts to drink from a cup


12 months developmental milestones (6)

Pulls to stand, cruises, may take a few steps alone

Vocab of 1-3 words in addition to “mama” and “dada”

Drinks from a cup, Feeds self

Bangs 2 blocks together

Plays social games

Precise pincer grasp, points w/ index finger, waves “bye-bye”


15 months developmental milestones (7)

Has vocabulary of 3-10 words

Indicates what he wants by pulling, pointing or grunting

Understands simple commands

Stacks 2 blocks

Can point to one or more body parts

Walks well, stoops, climbs stairs

Listens to a story


18 months developmental milestones (8)

Walks quickly or runs stiffly

Throws a ball

Vocabulary of 15-20 words: Uses 2-word phrases

Follows simple directions

Stacks 2-3 blocks

Pulls a toy along the ground

looking at pictures and naming objects

Shows affection, kisses


2 years developmental milestones (7)

Can follow 2-step commands

Has vocabulary of at least 20 words

Uses 2 word phrases

Can stack 5-6 blocks

Can go up and down stairs 1 step at a time, Can kick a ball

Makes or imitates horizontal and circular strokes w/ crayon

Imitates adults


3 years developmental milestones (6)

Copies a circle and a cross

Has self-care skills (feeding and dressing)

Shows early imaginative behavior

Jumps in place, kicks a ball, Rides a tricycle

Knows name, age and sex

Plays parallel with other children their age


4 yearss developmental milestones (8)

Talks about his daily activities and experiences

Builds a tower of 10 blocks

Hops, jumps on one foot

Can sing a song

Draws a person w/ 3 parts

Gives first and last name, Is aware of gender (of self and others)

Distinguishes fantasy from reality

Rides tricycle or bicycle w/ training wheels, throws ball overhand


5 years developmental milestones (8)

Dresses self w/o help

May be able to skip

Can count on fingers

Knows address and phone number

Copies triangle or square

Draws person w/ head, body, arms, legs

Recognizes many letters and can print some

Plays make-believe