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what are social norms?

- created by society
- acceptable standards of behaviour set by a social group


according to DFSN why are people seen as abnormal?

anyone who doesn't adhere to the social norms are seen as abnormal


what are the 2 types of social norms?

- explicit
- implicity


what are explicit social norms?

- a written rule/ law
- e.g if you're depressed / have agoraphobia you may not leave the house and not attend school
- this breaks the law that education is compulsory until 18


what are implicit social norms?

- not a written rule
- e.g someone with OCD may turn a light on and pff multiple times
- this goes against the norm of just doing it once


how do social norms vary?

vary across cultures, situations, age and gender


what is important to consider about social norms varying?

the degree to which a social norm is deviated and how important society sees that norm being


what are the strengths of DFSN?

- practical applications
- culture bias


what are the practical applications of DFSN?

- focuses on observable behaviour
- clearly identify those deviating from social norms
- not all p's have insight into their condition
- DFSN allows you to intervene and offer support


how is culture bias a strength of DFSN?

- takes into account cultural, historical and situational differences
- e.g DSM V considers symptoms that occur among different social groups
- e.g DSM recognises with different cultural norms come different abnormalities
- accepts that what counts as abnormal is not rigid


what is the counter evaluation of DFSN being cultural?

- doesn't account for those who move culture
- e.g p who moved to western culture who hears voices is labelled as schz
- in their culture it could have been spiritual
- this is an issue in multi cultural societies
- difficult to give correct diagnosis = wrong treatment


what are the limitations of DFSN?

- social control
- not a sole explanation


how is social control a weakness of DFSN?

- used as a form of social control to exclude non conformists
- e.g the main symptom of drapetomania in the past was black slaves wanting to run away
- this is no longer seen as abnormal as social norms change
- can lead to wrong diagnosis
- can lead to discrimination / segregation


why is DSFN not a sole explanation?

- not all abnormalities can be defined by looking at norms
- there are other abnormal behaviour elements
- e.g how behaviour affects others
- e.g Antisocial personality disorder can cause distress to others
- this is not considered by DFSN
- can't be used on it's own to identify abnormality