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What is a family?

A group of two or more people linked by blood, marriage, adoption of cohabitation.


What is a nuclear family?

Parents and their children. A family containing a heterosexual couple (man and woman) who are either married or unmarried and have children that live with them.


What is a Beanpole family?

A multi generational extended family with few children born every year, but people living longer. E.g. Great grandma, grandma, mum, child.


What is an extended family?

Parents and children plus members of the wider family. E.g. Uncles, aunts, cousins.


What is a reconstituted family?

A family in which one or both partners have children from a previous relationship.


What is a same-sex family?

A family with parents of the same sex e.g. Two women who have a child or two men who have a child.


What is a lone-parent family?

A family with a single mother or father due to divorce, separation or death.