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Blackened Fish

Blackened Fish**
Large oval
**Fish varies based on location

8 oz. fish, seasoned with our
seafood seasoning and
blackened in a cast iron skillet.
Served over corn spoon bread,
surrounded by fresh skillet
beans (haricot vert, red bell
pepper, caramelized onions, and
grape tomatoes) kosher salt,
white pepper, jalapeno honey
cream sauce.
Garnished with jalapeno corn
tartar and parsley sprig.
*Gluten/wheat, shellfish, dairy,
fish, egg allergy*






Teriyaki Salmon

Teriyaki Salmon
Large bowl

8 oz. chef cut fresh salmon
marinated in house made
teriyaki glaze, over a bed of
sticky rice finished with shiitake
mushrooms, soy butter sauce
and a garnish of cilantro, bean
sprouts, scallions, snap peas, red
pepper, and carrots in a banh mi
marinade (soy, garlic, scallions,
lime and Chinese five spice).
Garnished with white sesame
*Gluten, soy, fish, dairy allergy*




Florida Grouper

Florida Grouper
Large oval

7 oz. Broiled grouper, seasoned
with kosher salt and our
seafood seasoning. Topped
with fresh lemon juice and
lemon herb butter. Served over
a bed of lobster meat, gnocchi,
mixed sautéed vegetables
(English peas, parsley, grape
tomatoes, julienned red onions)
in a fresh lemon and garlic jus.
Garnished with tomato compote
and pea shoots dressed in
*Shellfish, dairy allergy*



Twin Lobster Tails

Twin Lobster Tails
Medium oval

(2) 4.5 oz. tails (very sweet, firm
meat), seasoned lightly with our
seafood seasoning, then broiled
and topped with clarified butter.
Served with (5) pieces of
buttered asparagus.
Garnished with lemon and
rosemary sprig.
*Shellfish, dairy allergy



Sea Scallops

Sea Scallops
Large round

(4) Jumbo sea scallops with
house made parmesan/fennel
risotto, English peas, julienned
snap peas, salt and white pepper.
Topped with fennel salad with
parsley, celery leaves, red onion
and fennel fronds, all tossed in
fresh lemon juice.
*Shellfish, dairy allergy*



Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes

Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes
Large oval 

(2) 4 ½ oz. jumbo lump crab
cakes. Broiled and brushed with
lemon herb butter, dusted with
seafood seasoning, served over
succotash (corn, red pepper,
grape tomatoes, asparagus,
minced parsley, salt & pepper)
and a sweet corn emulsion,
topped with jalapeno corn tartar
Garnished with parsley sprig.
*Shellfish, dairy, gluten/wheat,
egg allergy



Dutch Harbor King Crab

Dutch Harbor King Crab
Large oval16 oz. of king crab legs served
warm with (5) pieces of buttered
asparagus and drawn butter.
Garnished with a cocktail fork
with a lemon wedge on the end
and parsley sprig.
*Shellfish, dairy allergy*



Chilean Sea Bass

Chilean Sea Bass
Large round

8 oz. of broiled sea bass lightly
seasoned with our seafood
seasoning, herb butter, and a
champagne vin blanc with glazed
carrots, snap peas, & English
peas. Served on a bed of creamy
herbed mashed potatoes and
topped with black truffle slices
and truffle oil.
*Shellfish, fish, milk, dairy



Lemon Sole

Lemon Sole
Large Oval

8 oz. Sole in a shallot lemon
caper reduction, served with
crispy fingerling potatoes with
toasted garlic chips in garlic oil,
and garnished with lemon slices
and chopped parsley



Ahi Tuna

Ahi Tuna
Large Round

7 oz. Ahi Tuna Steak, Togarashi
dusted and finished with
cashews, and spicy sesame soy
Served with Mango, avocado,
grape tomatoes, Daikon sprouts,
cilantro, cucumber, all with
Arcadian greens and garnished
with toasted sesame seeds



King Salmon

King Salmon

8 oz. broiled King salmon served
with roasted tomatoes, olives,
crispy fingerling potatoes, green
beans, shaved red onions,
garnished with chopped parsley,
and tossed in a black pepper and
anchovy vinaigrette