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What's a fossil and what does it provide

A fossil is the prehistoric remains of a plant or animal. Fossils are preserved when they are buried under many layers of sand and mud. Under great pressure the sand and mud become sedimentary rock; and they provide clues about life in the past,


What information do rocks give us

What did humans eat

How has the earths climate changed

What caused the extinction of dinosaurs


Sedimentary rocks are...

Formed by the different layers of sediments which cemented over time


Scientist who study fossils are



What can palaeontologist find out when they compare different fossils and rocks to each other

Relative age


How do fossils form?

The remains of mostly animals and plants decay, which become buried into sediments


Are hard parts or softer parts easier to be preserved

Hard parts


How could animals with whole bodies be kept in there exact shape and form

If insects were trapped in tree sap they could still be in a whole form. Also if animals are trapped in the ice, which includes skin, hair and internal organs.(wooly mammoth)


Can fossils leave traces in sediments if so what?

The remains of animals or plants can sometimes leave imprints in sediments or rock. They can also be brocken down by minerals in water


What is a trace fossil

Shows sign of presence, things like footprints and droppings


What information do foot prints provide?

Size, weight, two legged or four and how it's weight was spread


How long ago did the dinosaurs die?

63 million years ago


How many theory's and what are they?

4 theory's: Asteroid theory

Volcano theory

Cooling climate theory

Emerging plants theory


Cooling climate theory did what?

Gradually cooling the climate due to causes in the Suns activity which would have caused larger animals to die first


Emerging plants theory did what?

The plants lacked sunlight and died which meant plant eaters died then the meat eaters had nothing to eat off then they died


The volcano theory did what

Same as asteroid theory blew ash into the sky causing darkness for 3 yrs


What did the asteroid theory do?

65 million years ago the asteroids threw billions of tonnes of dust into the air blocking out sunlight for 3 yrs