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Air brake systems are three braking systems combined. Name them.

Service brake: applies and releases the brakes when you use the brake pedal during normal braking.

Parking brake: applies and releases the parking brake when you use the parking brake control.

Emergency brake: uses parts of the service and parking brake systems to stop the vehicle in the event of a brake failure


A full service brake application must deliver, to all brake chambers, what % of the air pressure remaining with the brakes applied?

Not less than 90%


What are two other names for the brake pedal?

Foot valve

Treadle valve


Where is the safety valve and what pressure is it set to?

Installed in the first tank pressure is pumped into

Set at 150 psi


CamLaster and S-cam are two types of brakes. Which is self-adjusting and which requires an external slack adjuster?

CamLaster brakes are self-adjusting and S-cam brakes require an external slack adjuster.


At what pressure should the spring brake activate?

Between 20-30. Powerful springs are held back by air pressure. When the pressure drops too low, the spring brake activates.


What factors make up TOTAL STOPPING DISTANCE?

Perception distance
Reaction distance
Brake lag distance
Effective braking distance


At 55 mph in good conditions, what is the total stopping distance?

Over 300 feet


Air brake lag in seconds and feet at 55 mph

1/2 second or 32 feet