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At what pressure do you pump a master stream with a fog nozzle?

You always pump at 100 psi


At what pressure do you pump a master stream with a smooth bore nozzle?

You generally pump at 80 psi. If the master stream is fixed (the stang) you can increase the pressure to 100 psi.


What is the FL for a master stream appliance?

25 psi


At what pressure do you pump a hand line with a smooth bore nozzle?

50 psi


At what pressure is the intake pressure relief valve set?

Who sets this pressure?

Barry at the shop sets the pressure.


When pumping into a sprinkler system, your starting pressure (according to Richmond policy) is....

125 psi. This may increase depending on the interior conditions.


Smooth Bore handlines- 50 psi

1" GPM?
1 1/8" GPM?
1 1/4" GPM?

1" 200 GPM
1 1/8" 250 GPM
1 1/4" 300 GPM

Tips over 1 1/4" are not considered practical or safe to be used on smooth bore handlines.


Volume Measurements

Convert cubic inches to gallons

Convert cubic feet to gallons

Gallons = cubic inches / 231

Gallons = cubic feet x 7.481


Name the Six Principles of Pressures in Fluids

1. Fluid pressure is perpendicular to any surface on which it acts
2. Fluid pressure at a point in a fluid at rest is of the same intensity in all directions.
3. Pressure applied to a confined fluid from without is transmitted in all directions without diminution.
4. The downward pressure of a liquid in an open vessel is proportional to its depth.
5. The downward pressure of a liquid in an open vessel is proportional to the liquid density.
6. The downward pressure of a liquid on the bottom of a vessel is independent of the shape of the vessel itself.


How much does a cubic foot of water weigh?

62.5 pounds


Each inch of Mercury on the negative side of the compound gauge is equivalent to.....

________ psi

________ feet of water

0.49 psi

1.13 feet of water

20" of Mercury= 1.13 x 20
=water will rise 22.6 feet toward pump ( not including FL)


Pump Rated Capacity

_____% of rated capacity at 150 psi

_____% of rated capacity at 200 psi

_____% of rated capacity at 250 psi

100% at 150 psi

70% at 200 psi

50% at 250 psi


A common method of measuring atmospheric pressure is comparing it with the weight of Mercury. A pressure of 1 psi makes the column of Mercury how tall? What is atmospheric pressure at sea level?

1 psi makes the Mercury 2.04 inches tall. Atmospheric pressure at sea level is 14.7 or 29.9 inches of Mercury.


Any pressure less than atmospheric pressure is called...



Head is the height of a water supply above the discharge orifice. Convert 100 feet of head to head pressure.

100 feet / 2.304 = 43.4 psi

2.304 is the number of feet that 1 psi will raise a 1 sq inch column of water


Define static pressure

Stored potential energy available to force water through pipe, fittings, hose, and adapters. If water is not moving it is static.