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Know how the LDS church communicated the plates were translated and how they actually were translated.

o LDS Church: Translated from Gold Plates by Joseph Smith

o Actual Translation: Seer Stones


Who were the three witnesses to the Golden Plates?

Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer, Martin Harris


Know the historical issues with the Book of Mormon

o No evidence of Nephite, Labanite, or Jaredite Culture.
o No evidence that Native Americans have Israelite blood.
o According to Ezra Taft Benson, Adam lived in the Americas.
o No archeological evidence of the Book of Mormon, Period. (Mormonism 101, 130-131)


How does the Book for Mormon view the Bible?

o The Bible is not the only source of authority
o One of the standard works, but it has errors
o KJV Only


Know what the eighth article of faith is.

We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly


What is the official version of the Bible for Mormons.



Know what Joseph Smith thought about the Trinity. What verses would you use to refute this?

o Tritheism (also known as modalism)
o Refute: Deut. 6:4


What do Mormons believe about Heavenly Father? What verses would you use to refute this?

o A man who was exalted
o Refute: Numbers 23:19


Know a biblical passage to refute the idea that God is a man of flesh and bones.

John 4:24


What discourse do we get from Joseph Smith where he reveals much about his view of Heavenly Father?

King Follett


What passage can we go to refute the idea of a heavenly/goddess mother?

o Jer 44
o God clearly defines himself in OT and NT, mother is never found.


Who is the firstborn of heavenly father and heavenly mother? What passages can refute this?

o Jesus
o Refute: John 1:1; Phil 2:5-11


What do Mormons believe about the virgin birth?

Heavenly Father and Mary had sex but she was a virgin still because he was not a mortal


What passage can we use to refute Holy Spirit’s finiteness?

Ps. 139:7-8