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Salvation from Death



Salvation from Sin

Atonement of Jesus, Faith, Repentance Baptism and the Holy Ghost, Following Laws and Ordinances


Salvation: Being Born Again

- Occurs when individuals are baptized and receive the Holy Ghost – Comes as a willingness to enter into a covenant with God to do his will
- Those who have a knowledge of God the Father, Jesus Christ, the purpose of life, the plan of salvation, and their eternal potential are saved from this condition


Salvation from Ignorance

- The lack of knowledge of the restored gospel.
- Those who have a knowledge of God the Father, Jesus Christ, the purpose of life, the plan of salvation, and their eternal potential are saved from this condition


Salvation from Second Death

- The final spiritual death—being cut off from righteousness and denied a place in any kingdom of glory
- D&C 88:24: “And he who cannot abide the law of a telestial kingdom cannot abide a telestial glory; therefore he is not meet for a kingdom of glory. Therefore he must abide a kingdom which is not a kingdom of glory.”


Salvation: Exaltation/Eternal Life

- Eternal Life and Exaltation - to know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and dwell with Them forever—to inherit a place in the highest degree of the celestial kingdom.
- Requires: 1)Men receive the Melchizedek Priesthood 2) Church members make and keep sacred covenants in the temple, including the covenant of eternal marriage.


Know how many levels are in the Celestial Kingdom



Know the commands to obey.

o Obedience
o Prayer
o Scripture Reading
o Keeping the Sabbath
o Baptism


Know the two priesthoods

Aaronic and Melchizedek


Know the Laws and Ordinances

o Missionary Work
o Eternal Marriage: Only valid when Priesthood holders perform the sealing in the temple.
o Temple and Family History
o Service through callings
o Teaching assignments
o Endure to the End


Know what the washings and anointings in the Temple symbolize.

They signify the cleansing and sanctifying power of Jesus Christ applied to the attributes of the person and to the hallowing of all life


Know what drama unfolds in the temple endowments.

o Participants in white temple clothing assemble in ordinance rooms to receive this instruction and participate in the unfolding drama of the Plan of Salvation. They are taught of premortal life; the spiritual and temporal creation; the advent of Adam and Eve, and their transgression and expulsion into the harsh contrasts of the mortal probation; the laws and ordinances required for reconciliation through the Atonement of Christ; and a return to the presence of God.
o During the Endowment, solemn covenants are made pertaining to truthfulness, purity, righteous service, and devotion. In this way, the temple is the locus of consecration to the teaching of the law and the prophets and to the ways of God and his Son.
o This order of instruction and covenant making culminates in the celestial room, which represents the highest degree of heaven, a return to the presence of God, a place of exquisite beauty and serenity, where one may feel and meditate "in the beauty of holiness"


Know where the Temple Endowments culminates in.

Celestial Room


Know what a Temple sealing is.

the covenants of marriage and family sealing


Know why LDS practice Baptism for the dead

So that those in spirit prison have a chance to accept and move towards progression


Controversial Mormon Doctrines

o Adam God Theory
o Polygamy
o Restriction of Blacks to the Priesthood
o Individual Blood Atonement


Know what Adam God Doctrine is and who was the main teacher of it.

o Adam is our father and our God – Adam is heavenly father
o Brigham Young, based on the teachings of Joseph Smith


Know which President Banned Plural Marriage

Willford Woodruff


Know why Blacks were denied the priesthood.

o the prophet Jacob, referring to the dark-skinned Lamanites, tells a group of light-skinned Nephites that "unless ye shall repent of your sins that their skins will be whiter than yours." (Jacob 3:8)
o They were black or darker skinned because of sin in the pre-existence and as a sign of their lack of holiness


Know the definition of Blood Atonement and what sins applied to this doctrine.

o Some sins were too grievous for the atonement of Christ to cover, thus, the only way for the sin to be atoned for is for the sinner to have their own sin shed.
o What sins: miscegenation, apostasy, theft, murder, Fornication, Adultery