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Where was dodge ball originally played at?

In Africa over 200 years ago.


What did the Africans use besides soft rubber balls?

They used petrified matter or large rocks.


Did they eventually use something other then something that could potentially kill someone?

Yes they then used leather balls besides large rocks.


How does the game start?

Both teams start at either side and on the whistle both teams run towards the middle to get the balls on the middle line.


How many players are on each side?

It is preferred that both teams have a total of 10 players but you can potentially have any number of players and still be able to have a fun game.


How can you get out?

There are 3 ways to get out. First way, is if you throw the ball on the other side and the other player on the other side catches the ball before it hits the ground. Second, if you step over the line. Third, is if the other player on the other team pegs you with the ball before it hits the ground.


Where is the game primarily played in today?

The game is primarily played in schools. Whether it be elementary etc.


What size size comparison can be used to compare to a dodge ball?

A dodge ball can be compared to a volley ball in size.


Can dodge ball be dangerous?

Yes, in fact people in many cases have died playing this significantly dangerous game.


Whats the most people that have ever played dodge ball in a single game?

6084 players at UCI on September 25th 2012.