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how sure are scientists that humans caused half of the carbon dioxide emissions since 1950?

90% sure that humans caused at least half the warming since 1950


What is the hottest decade because of global warming?

2000-2009 was hottest decade, about 1º F hotter than in 1970.


How many tons of CO2 is emitted per second?

About 1000 tons/second into the air—2011 sets the record.


What are the CO2 levels in the atmosphere?

CO2 Highest in 650,000 years. 11% increase till 1950, now 40%.


how much is global warming affecting sea levels?

About 1 inch rise so far, but it could get serious by 2100.


how much more CO2 does china emit than the US?

Emits about 40% more CO2 than the US.


What impact does global warming have on the earth?

When Earth was 9ºF cooler, ice over NY City was 2000 feet thick.There is a decent chance the Earth will get 9º F hotter by the 2100.


How much would it cost to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions?

A 20% reduction is cheap: about $0.16 per person per day.


Whats the main problem with stopping global warming?

US and China need to cooperate.If they cooperated, it's almost sure the Europe, Australia, Japan, and India would go along.


whats the biggest mistake countries have made while trying to stop global warming?

Environmentalists use scare tactics and command & control.
The biggest mistake has been for the rich countries to try to cap the poor countries.
The US and Europe tried to cap India at the level of emissions (per person) of the US sometime before 1850.


Whats Keegan's nickname?