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 Name the governing bodies, regulations and standards that you should be aware of when performing plumbing work? Hint 5 items

  1. Health and safety executive (HSE)
  2. Building regulations part L ( Energy efficiency )
  3. Building regulations Part G ( Hot water safety )
  4. Water regulation
  5. British standards


After installing an appliance what must you do with the manufacturers instructions (MI's)?

It is a legal requirement to leave all instructions, or documents, with the customer or user.


What is the difference between a quote and an estimate?

A quote is  legally binding amount and cannot be changed even if you find unexpected extra work.

An estimate can be revised up (or even down if you wish!)


What function does the water regulations advisory scheme perform?

It provides information of approved and tested materials and fitting to be allowed for use on water systems


What methods can be use to join copper pipe? Hint 4

  1. Compression
  2. Soldered
  3. Push fit
  4. Press fit


Compression fitting can either be? Hint 2 types

  1. Type A non manipulative ( most common type)
  2. Type B manipulative  ( originally for underground water service pipework)


Should you use PTFE or paste on a compression fitting?

No if the fitting and pipe are prepared properly there is no need.   ( it even increases the likelyhood of leaks)


If you use a brass compression fitting in a damp environment what should you ensure?

That the fitting is dezincification resistant ( DZR)


Can you use push fit fitting for gas pipework?

No absolutely not.


Give two reasons why mains water push fit fittings fail?

  1. No insert was fitted ( or the wrong make, as parts of fittings are not interchangable with different makes)
  2. The end of the pipe was roughly cut or dirty ( damages the internal seal)


Can you use compression fittings or solder corrugated stainless steel tubing?

No you must only use the manufacturers approved fittings


What is the maximum pressure that can be used with corrugated stainless steel tubing ?

75 mbar


When completing the joint on corrugated stainless steel tubing what must you use to ensure corrosion resistance?

The end wrapped in self bonding tape. ( self amalgamation tape )


What is the benefit of using low carbon steel pipe for gas or water?

  1. Fire resistance in a stairwell
  2. Damage resistance ( ie outside)


How can steel pipe be joined?

  1. Compression joints
  2. Threaded ( wrapped in PTFE tape or paste, never both)
  3. Welded


What is the difference between white / blue  and yellow PTFE tape?

  1. Yellow for gas (thicker)
  2. White/blue for water


Where is PE pipework used?

Only underground as it is not Ultra-violet ( UV) resistant.


What material is waste pipe usually made from? Hint 2 types

  1. PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  2. ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)


Can you use solvent welds on PVC pipe?

No, and to ensure this the fittings will not fit correctly ( too loose)


Can you use pushfit joints on ABS waste pipe?

No , as the pipe will be too large


How can you join PVC and ABS waste pipes together?

With an plastic compression fittings


What must you ensure when using flux on soldered joints for gas?

The flux must be heat activated so as not to corrode the pipe when cold


When soldering a joint used for drinking water what should you ensure?

That the solder is lead free.


Why is it good practice to clean the outside of the soldered joint when finished?

Any excess flux will damage the pipe over time.


What precautions should you take when clipping pipes externally?

  1. The pipe should stand clear of the wall to stop damp being trapped against the pipe
  2. The clips should be UV resistant if made of plastic
  3. Similar metal to pipe if using metallic clips


When removing floorboards why do you need to be careful?

To avoid damage to exsisting pipes or cables

Thank you Andre for the help with this example


What depth can you notch a joist for a pipe ?

1/8 of the depth of the joist ( x 0.125)


If you are drilling a hole in the centre of a joist what is the maximum size allowed?

1/4 of the depth of the joist (x 0.25)


When notching a joist to accommodate two pipes what do you need to be careful of?

The notch is wide enough to allow for expansion and contraction of the pipes.

(ideally clipped and covered with a protective metal plate )

I have never, ever seen this done !


Pipes that pass through a wall should be?