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Who wrote 'Don't Cry For Me Argentina'?

Andrew Lloyd Webber


What key is Don't Cry For Me Argentina in?

D major


What is the musical style/time period for Don't Cry For Me Argentina?

Musical Theatre/Ballad 20/21st Century (2000+)


Explain the meaning of this Don't Cry For Me Argentina.

- Don't Cry For Me Argentina is the main theme from the musical Evita.
- It could be considered an anthem.
- The musical Evita interprets the life of Eva Duarte as she begins as a poor woman to Argentina's First Lady.
- The song features a sweeping melody tied to broad emotional themes of regret and defiance.


When and where was Andrew Lloyd Webber born?

March 22nd 1948 in London.


What type of music does Andrew Lloyd Webber compose?

He is an English composer who writes scores for musical theatre.


What instruments did Andrew Lloyd Webber play growing up?

He was playing the piano, violin and the french horn by the age of three and was composing his own music by the age of six.


What was Andrew Lloyd Webber's family background?

- His father was the director of the London College of Music.
- His mother was a piano teacher
- His brother was a well-known cellist.
- He has been married three times and had five children


Explain Andrew Lloyd Webber's education experience.

He joined Westminster School as a Queen's scholar in 1965 and began a history course at Magdalen College.
He dropped out later that year to study at the Royal College of Music in order to explore his interests in Musical Theatre.


What other works has Andrew Lloyd Webber composer.

Other works include:
- Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (first piece)
- Cats
- Phantom of the Opera
- School of Rock


Who does Andrew Lloyd Webber partner with to create lyrics for his musicals?

Tim Rice.


How does Don't Cry For Me Argentina reflect the style of Musical Theatre?

'Don't Cry For Me Argentina' is an expressive piece with lyrics that advance the plot of the story and when sung includes instrumental interludes.


How does Don't Cry For Me Argentina reflect the 21st Century Musical time period?

There is a main voice or melody with an underlying accompaniment. There is a contrast in the piece (bridge - Slow Tango Feel). The melodies are shorter and clearer than baroque music.


What does 'Freely' mean?

Unrestrained, Passionate.


What does 'Simile' mean?

'Like' continue in a similar manner.


What does 'Dal Segno al Coda' indicate?

Indicates to return to the D.S. sign and play to the 'To Coda' indication, then to skip to the 'Coda' to finish the piece.


What does 'Refrain' mean?

Chorus of the song, usually repeated.


Dal Segno (symbol) meaning

'From the sign' indicates to return to this sign.


What is this Symbol? //

- a sudden silencing in sound; a pause or break.


When is 'Don't Cry For Me Argentina' sung in Evita?

- The song is sung at the beginning and the end of the musical to show the generosity of Evita's spirit in death by asking the public not to mourn her.
- She also sings it from the balcony of the Presidential Palace in Buenos Aires, after she had helped her husband - Peron, achieve a decisive victory in the 1946 Presidential Election.


An important achievement for Andrew Lloyd Webber.

He was awarded a knighthood in 1992.


Explain the triplets

Indicates three notes that are to be played in the time of two.


Explain a tenuto

Means to hold and slightly stress the note.