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How much clearance should be around the door in the opening for insulation?

10 mm (3/8) on all sides


How does the size of the overhead door compare to the size of the overhead door opening?

Usually, the width and height of the opening should be equal to or slightly less than the width and height of the overhead door.


How far should the backing for the overhead door track and spring bracket extend above the top of the opening?

Sides: 300 mm above the top of the opening.

Centre: extend upward from the door frame at least 300 mm


What can you do at the time of installation to stop moisture and air infiltration under an exterior door?

Apply at least two beads of caulking to the sub-floor in the door opening where the threshold of the door will sit, to seal under it against moisture and air infiltration.


When fastening the door jamb to the framing, where should you install the screws so they are hidden?

Fasten the jamb to the framing using long screws with the head hidden behind the weatherstripping.


What can you do to avoid damaging an expensive entry door during construction?

To avoid possible damage, temporarily replace an expensive and ornate entry door with the screws that assemble it on the secure side of the door. Replace with inexpensive.


When you are finished installing a latch set, which side of the door should the screws for the handle be on?

On the secure side of the door.


What would happen if the fasteners used to attach the wall finish to a pocket door frame were too long?

The fasteners will occasionally project through the thin studs of the pixel door frame and these must be removed or cut off or they will scratch the surface of the newly installed door.


What are some advantages of using OPEN STOCK door and jamb materials?

The reduced cost and ability to mix and match door styles and jamb materials are some of the advantages of installing doors using open stock.


When are the doors usually installed in residential construction?

Exterior doors are usually installed at the conclusion of the framing stage in residential construction.


What does the term open stock mean?

Unprepared materials. No holes or notches.


Why is it important that the screws be centred in the holes when installing hinges?

Off-centre screws can push the hinge out of place as they are installed, causing the door to be out of alignment.


What should be done to allow for hardwood floor when installing interior door jambs?

Place a price of hardwood floor as a shin under the hinge side jamb to maintain clearance under the door when the floor is installed.


Explain why doorstops are cut 6 mm short of the floor.

To allow easy cleaning along the floor line next to the jamb.


What should you check before choosing which side of the door to drill for the latch set?

Some doors have the hinge side stamped on the top or bottom of the door; if there is no stamp, the door can be drilled on either edge for the latch.


What size hole should be drilled for a standard latch bolt? For the cylinder?

Drill the latch bolt hole first, using a 25 mm (1") spade or Forstner bit. Drill the cylinder hole using a 54 mm (2 1/8) hole saw or multi-spur bit.


The position of the hinges on the jamb should be ___ mm lower than those on the door.

3 mm


What is the reason for using a half jamb around bifold door openings?

Bifold doors are typically framed with a half jamb so the finishing and appearance of the door is similar to that of a swing door.


What hardware would you install to keep the bottom panels aligned in the middle of a pair of bifold doors?

Aligning clips to hold the bottom of the two doors aligned. These clips are installed on the back of the doors, 150 to 300 mm (6" to 12") above the bottom of the door.


The size of the opening that a pocket door should be installed should be approximately ____ wider than the door and ____ taller.

25 mm (1")

38 mm (1-1/2")


Why would you consider using screws to attach the top half (split) jamb of a pocket door?

It makes it easier to remove them in the future if the door needs to be admitted or worn rollers need to be replaced.


How would you Increase the clearance between the jamb and the hinge side of the door.

Shim under one or both of the hinge leaves.


What is the reason for installing the concave side of a slightly bowed door toward the stops on the jamb?

This results in the door being pushed straight when it closes and catches at the latch. The constant pressure on the door while it is in the closed position often straightens the door over time.


How could you compensate for a door opening with the bottoms out of alignment when you install the jamb?

If the bottom of the opening cannot be moved into alignment, both side jambs can be offset slightly, in opposite directions, at the bottom of the opening to bring the bottoms of the jamb closer in line with each other.


What can you do to adjust a door slightly from side to side (laterally)?

By shimming behind the hinges with thin material or card stock you can move the door laterally at the top, bottom or both.


What is an alternate method of trimming the door opening where it meets the floor?

Plinth block