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What considerations usually determine the type of window chosen?

Cost, looks and how maintenance free the owner wants the window


What type of window could be used if your customer wanted wood inside, but wanted the window to be maintenance-free outside?

Cladding (covering) the exterior wood windows with aluminum or vinyl is a good compromise for those who want the look and feel of wood on the inside, but not the maintenance of wood on the outside.


What are the four material types used for Windows?

Vinyl (PVC)
Aluminum/Vinyl Clad wood


Aluminum is a rigid, strong material that allows relatively small frames to hold large glass panels. The hollow frame members are often filled with rigid foam insulation to increase their energy efficiency. T or F



Describe a casement window?

Casement windows are hinged on the side and swing out to open.


Explain the difference between double-hung and singe-hung windows.

Double-hung means that both sections slide to open, while single-hung means that only the bottom section slides open.


Fixed or picture windows do not open to provide ventilation. T or F



Explain the difference between bay and bow windows.

A bay window is a combination of a large central window and two angled side windows.

A bow window is in the shape of an arch made with several sections all the same size.


What is glazing?

Glazing is the term used to refer to the glass panels inside the frame used to make the windows.


Glass has little insulating value on its own, how do manufacturers to help reduce heat loss?

Special coatings (Low-E) and seal inert gases like argon in between layers of glass

Modern windows typically have at least two layers of glass, with a 10 to 12 mm space between them to help increase the insulating value.


When installing the glazing (sealed unit) in the sash how is it supported?

By neoprene pads called setting blocks which are places at the quarter points along the bottom of the sash. They support and allow the glazing to expand and contract.


The outside window in a bedroom must be at least ___ square metres with no dimension less than 380 mm.

0.35 m squared


Where a bedroom window opens into a window-well, a clearance of not less than ___ shall be provided in front of the window.

550 mm (22")


When are windows usually installed in residential construction?

At the conclusion of the framing stage in residential construction.


How much clearance should be around the window in the opening for insulation?

10 mm clearance on all sides


What is the purpose of the small packing pads found inside the window when you open it and when should they be removed?

Do NOT open windows and remove the small packing pads that are inside until after the unit is completely installed. They help keep the unit square and maintain proper clearances during installation.


Are any additional shims required for talk, wide or multiple unit windows?

Shim at the dividing rails and ensure that the width or height is the same at these points.


If you use expanding foam to insulate around windows, what type should you use?

The type recommended by the window manufacturer that will exert less pressure as it expands and does not bulge the frame.


What is the purpose of gluing the mitres as they are assembled?

Helps keep it tight and lock it in place so it resists opening due to material shrinkage and building movement.


What are four expectations of modern windows?

1) provide protection from the weather.

2) allow ventilation

3) act as emergency exit routes

4) be as maintenance free as possible