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Step 1. Selecting Drafting Site

1. Amount of Water, 2. Type of Water, 3. Accessibility of water.


Step 2. Position apparatus at the drafting location

Set brake and chock wheels. Get hard suction down and check gaskets to make sure they are in and no dirt or gravel has accumulated. Couple strainer and hard suction sections together and airtight. Connect hose to intake. Lower strainer into water source making sure 24 inches all around strainer.


Step 3. Prime pump and Begin Operation

Put pump into gear. Transfer valve put into Parallel (Volume) position. Check all drains and valves are closed. Increase engine rpm to 1000-1200. Operate primer. Check master intake gauge registers a vacuum reading. Prime until a steady stream of water comes out. Should take no longer than 30 seconds.


Pump successfully primed

Slowly increase throttle before attempting to open any discharges. Boost pressure somewhere between 50 and 100 psi. Open desired discharge slowly while observing discharge pressure. If drop below 50 psi pause for moment to stabilize before opening further. If pressure still drops try priming again.


Step 4. Operating the pump from draft

Keep checking master intake gauge for an increase in vacuum or a decrease. If increase a blockage may be occurring. If decrease air may be getting into pump.


Step 5. Shutting down the operation

Slowly decrease engine speed, take pump out of gear, and allow pump to drain. Stabilize engine temperature. Operate mechanical primer 10 secs or until fluid comes out. Helps lubricate primer parts.