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An axon or nerve fiber, is a long, slender projection of a nerve cell, or neuron, that conducts electrical impulses away from the neuron's cell body or soma.



Dendrites are the segments of the neuron that receive stimulation in order for the cell to become active. They conduct electrical messages to the neuron cell body for the cell to function.


terminal buttons

Tiny bulblike structures at the end of the dendrites, which contain neurotransmitters that carry the neuron's message into the synapse. One of the four parts of the neuron along with the soma, dendrites, and the axon.


synaptic cleft

the area between two neurons at a synapse. Synapses are junctions between neurons in which information is passed by neurotransmitters.


The brain of an average human and a genius differ mainly in:

the number of interconnections between association neurons



The cerebellum (which is Latin for “little brain”) is a major structure of the hindbrain that is located near the brainstem. This part of the brain is responsible for a number of functions including motor skills such as balance, coordination, and posture.


the olfactory bulb

a brain structure responsible for our sense of smell (known as Olfaction). Located at the tip of the olfactory lobe, the bulb processes information about odors after receiving sensory input from the nose.


the hypothalamus

A small portion of the brain, roughly the size of an almond in humans, located just above the brain stem. The hypothalamus controls the pituitary gland and also regulates homeostasis (hunger, thirst, body temperature, and the like).


Psychotropic drug

Any drug capable of affecting the mind, emotions, and behavior. Some legal drugs, such as lithium for bipolar disorder, are psychotropic. Many illicit drugs, such as cocaine, are also psychotropic. Also known as psychodynamic drug.