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What is DWR Mission?

To manage the water resources of California in cooperation with other agencies to benefit the State's people and to protect, restore, and enhance the natural and human environments.


What is DWR Strategic Planning Goal 1?

Develop and assess strategies for managing the State's water resources
Development of the CA Water plan Update, every 5 years to address CA's current challenges, such as satisfying the needs of the State's growing population and quantifying water demands and supplies.
(WC Section 10000 et seq.)


What is DWR Strategic Planning Goal 2?

Plan, design, construct, operate, and maintain the State's Water Project to achieve maximum flexibility, safety, and reliability.


What is DWR Strategic Planning Goal 3?

Protect and improve the resource and dependent ecosystems of statewide significance, including the Sac-San Joaquin Bay-Delta Estuary.


What is DWR Strategic Planning Goal 4?

Protect lives and infrastructure as they relate to dams, floods, droughts, watersheds impacted by fire and disasters, and assist in other emergencies.


What is DWR Strategic Planning Goal 5?

Provide policy direction and legislative guidance on water and energy issues and educate the public on the importance, hazards, and efficient use of water.


What is DWR Strategic Planning Goal 6?

Support local planning and integrated regional water management through technical and financial assistance.


What is DWR Strategic Planning Goal 7?

Perform efficiently all statutory, legal, and fiduciary responsibilities regarding management of State long-term power contracts and servicing of power revenue bonds.


What is DWR Strategic Planning Goal 8?

Provide professional, cost effective, and timely services in support of DWR's programs, consistent with governmental regulatory and policy requirements.


How does DWR meet Goal 4?

DWR's responsibility is to protect public health, life, and property by regulating the Safety of Dams, providing flood protection, and responding to emergencies.