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What ADP/ADRP covers The Army



As a unique military profession, the Army is built upon ethos of trust. What are four other essentials characteristics of our profession?

Military expertise, honorable service, esprit de corps, and stewardship.


What are 11 Primary Missions of the U.S. Armed Forces?

• Counter terrorism and irregular warfare
• Deter and defeat aggression
• Project power despite anti- access/area denial challenges
• Counter weapons of mass destruction
• Operate effectively in cyberspace
• Operate effectively in space
• Maintain a safe, secure, and effective nuclear deterrent
• Defend the homeland and provide support to civil authorities
• Provide a stabilizing present
• Conduct stability and counterinsurgency operation
• Conduct humanitarian, disaster relief, and other operations.


What is the most important determinant of combat power.



What is the US Army's greatest strategic asset; providing Debth, versatility, and on match experience to the joint forces.

The all – volunteer forces


Title 10, USC, establishes the basic structure of the army. What forces make up the army?

One regular Army into reserve components: the regular Army, the Army reserves, in the Army National Guard of the United States. Army civilian support all three components


What is the function of the operating force?

Operating forces consist of units organized, trained, and equipped to deploy and fight


What is the function of the generating force

The generating force man's, trains, equips, deploys, and ensures the readiness of all Army forces


What five sets of characteristics one hands the arms operational adaptability?

• depth and versatility
• adaptive and innovative
• flexibility and agility
• integrated in synchronized
• we thought and discriminate


What ADP/ADRP covers operational terms and military symbols?

ADP/ADRP 1–02.


Who is the principal audience for ADP 1–02, operational terms of military symbols?

All members of the profession of arms


What is the purpose of a common set of doctrinal terms and military symbols?

Turns and symbols can communicate a great deal of information with a simple word, phrase, or image and eliminate the need for a like the exclamation of a complex idea.


What are the three areas of focus of the professional language of land warfare?

• principle of simplicity
• importance of clear communication.
• importance of teaching the language.


Military symbol falls into two categories: framed and unframed. What is the difference?

Framed military symbols include unit, equipment, installation, and Activity symbols. Unframed military symbols include control measures and tactical task mission symbols.


Who establishes army policy for developing doctrinal terms?

United States Army training and doctrine command (TRADOC)


The common operational picture is displayed on a map or another geographical form representing the area of operations in which has been overlaid with military symbols. What does it include?

• friendly and enemy units or ships.
• boundaries
• Control measures.
• other elements that the commander deems necessary.


How are acronyms usually formed?

Are going to usually form from the initial letter of a name or parts of a series of words


What is the single display of relevant information within the commanders area of interest tailored to the users requirements and based on the common data and information shared by more than one command?

A common operational picture


What is communication in reference to operational terms of military symbols?

Communication is an exchange of meaning that is only complete when the intended meaning is understood precisely by the intended audience


Who can propose the creation, modification, or elimination of any doctrinal term?

Any soldier may contact a proponent for a given subject. The proponent will consider the soldiers proposal


What is the purpose of acronyms and abbreviations is the profession of arms?

To allow the use of shorter version of doctrinal in military terms for ease of discussion and speaking and writing.