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Who was the E-cigarette study published by?

European Heart Journal


What was the overview of the study

Mice exposed to different amounts of vapour
Results suggested even 1 exposure inc heart rate, caused arteries to stiffen and damaged blood vessels in lungs and brain


What do Public Health England claim about e-cigarettes?

95% less harmful than smoking


Give an example of a person who suffered near fatal repercussions due to vaping

A British teenager from Nottingham suffered serious respiratory failure due to an allergic reaction to e-cigarettes which caused inflammation of lung tissue.


What is the age law on vaping and smoking?

Nobody U18 can vape or smoke, and it is also illegal to buy nicotine/vape products for U18's


How did you find out about this article?

From the University of Sheffield's Medical Twitter page


What does the cardiovascular professor say?

Raises an interesting point about the lack of long-term evidence of the effects of smoking to warrant a ban. However it could be very harmful to people who continue to vape before such evidence has been accumulated.