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When was NICE formed and what does it stand for?

National Institute for Clinical Excellence


How many foundation trusts are there?



what does AIDS stand for?

acquired immune deficiency syndrome


What does the GMC do?

General Medical Council- a governing body that protects, promotes and maintains the health and safety of the public by ensuring proper standards in the practice of medicine.


Who are the BMA?

British Medical Association- the professional medial association and trade union for doctors and medical students


What is autonomy

respect patient's right to self-determination


What is beneficence

to do 'good' i.e help the patient


What is non-maleficence

to not do harm


How can you establish and assess competence?

By using the Gillick competence principles.


Things to consider with Opt in vs Opt out organ donation.

opt in: consent must be given or asked for
opt out: consent must be actively removed
opt out = more organ donors = more lives to help
90% of UK believe it is the right thing to do whereas only 1/3rd on register so opt in system doesn't reflect majority of of people's desire.
Autonomy- still the decision of the individual however when change happened in Wales 30% unaware system change therefore important to make sure people informed!


When considering ethical scenarios such as euthanasia and abortion what should you consider first?

Legality- i.e. in UK euthanasia is illegal


Explore ethics of Euthanasia

Uk = illegal however in Belgium it is legal.
Gives patients right to decide showing Autonomy
however could be argued to go against hippocratic oath "do not harm". prolonging suffering however could be argued to cause more harm.