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External ear

Pinna (ear flap) outer part to collect sound waves then direct to ear canal

External auditory meautus- ear canal opening, contains sebaceous glands to trap FB’s
Sound travels down ear canal to tympanic membrane (ear drum)


Middle ear

In tympanic cavity within tympanic bulla

Auditory ossicles have tiny bones called malleus, incus, stapes and vibrations from sound are transmitted through ossicles to vestibular window

Middle ear connected to pharynx by eustachion tube which equalises pressure


Inner ear

Delicate and deep in temporal bone
Involved in hearing(cochlea) and balance (membranous labyrinth)

Membranous labyrinth has utricle, saccule and semicircular canals that communicate info to brain about rotation of head and position

Cochleas duct is snail shaped and organ of corti is for hearing

Tympanic membrane transfers sound vibrations from outer ear to middle ear