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What happens in the pre-birth stage?

The babies start to familiarise with the mothers voice in the womb and pick up the rhythm of language.


What happens when they're 1 day old?

The baby begins to recognise voices. They start to turn to their mothers voice in the womb.


What was the study that Jaques Mehler did when babies were 4 days old?

He did a language cognition and development investigation.


What did Jaques Mehler find?

He found that when the babies heard French their dummy sucking increased as they were more interested in that language over English and Italian.


When can babies distinguish between human and non-human sounds?

2 weeks old.


At 2 weeks old what do babies start to recognise within speech?

Turn taking as there are pauses being given by the career.


What can parents start to do when the babies are 0-2 months old?

They can begin to recognise their distinctive cries e.g distress or hunger.


What else occurs at 0-2 months old?

Biological noises involve control of airflow.
Not classified as a language but parents recognise the cries of foreign babies.


At how old do babies begin to "coo"?

6-8 weeks


Why do children at 6-8 weeks begin to coo?

Because they have increased control over their vocal cords.


Why is 6-8 weeks softer than crying?

Because /k/ or /g/ (velar consonants) are combined with vowels to create /kü/ and /gæ/ sounds.


At 6-8 weeks why is dialogue interactive?

Because they get verbal responses from the carer, and can start to recognise things such as smiles being a positive thing.


When is the "cooing stage"?

8-20 weeks


What does the cooing stage mean?

That babies are responding to the meanings of tones of voice.


At 8-20 weeks a babies tongue can move horizontally and vertically, what does this allow?

This allows more phonemes


At 8-20 weeks babies lips start to strengthen what does this mean?

This means that thy begin to imitate the movement of adults mouths.


At 8-20 weeks what reinforces the rules of turn-taking?

Peekaboo games


How does it affect a child if it can sit and scope a room at 8-20 weeks?

It can affect them as it'll increase their communication skills and begin to name objects.


What stage is at 6-12 months?

The "babbling stage"


What is the most important stage and why?

The babbling stage as continues after the child has begun to use recognise-able words.


What does the babbling stage resemble?

It resembles adult language more.


At 6-12 months what's more frequent for babies?

Consonant and vowel combinations e.g /dæ/ and /mæ/


What do parents class as first words?

The re-duplicated monosyllabic words "dada" or "mama" the words have no meaning but parents still believe these are "first words"


Babies start to blow raspberries and bubbles at what age?

6-12 months


What do babies do with phonemes at 6-12 months?

They begin to experiment with them and extract what they don't need or hear from others.


What age do babies nationalities start to differ?

6-12 months


At 6-12 months what can convey meaning?

Facial expression and gestures that can go with phrases such as "what's that?"


What are some signs of pragmatic development at 6-12 months?

Interaction with others such as "bye bye" "all gone"


When do babies begin to understand words such as "no" and "hot"?

6-12 months


At 6-12months what happens to pitch?

It begins to glide from high to low.