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Early period, pale and dilute menstrual blood, SOB, loose stools, epigastric distention, tiredness
T: Pale
P: Weak
TX: Strengthen SP, tonify and raise Qi, consolidate Ren/Chong Mai, contain blood

SPLEEN Qi deficiency


Early period, pale-dilute menstrual blood, lower backache, dizziness, nocturia, feeling cold,
T: Pale and swollen
P: Deep and weak
TX: Strengthen Kidneys, tonify Qi, warm Yang, consolidate Chong Mai

KIDNEY Qi not Firm


Early period, heavy with bright-red or dark-red blood, anxiety, mental restlessness, red face, thirst, dark urine, dry stools
T: Red with a yellow coating
P: Full and Wiry in middle level
TX: Clear Heat, cool Blood, regulate period
LU 7 r, KID 6 l, CV 4, LI 11, SP 10, BL 17, SP 6, LIV 2, LIV 3, KID 2, SP 8
Qing Jing San, Qin Lian Si Wu Tang

FULL HEAT: 1. Blood Heat


Early period that is usually heavy with dark blood and clots, abdominal pain, pre-menstrual breast distention, irritability, bitter taste, dry throat
T: Red, with redder sides
P: Wiry and Rapid
TX: Clear and pacify Liver, move Qi, clear Heat, cool Blood, regulate period

LIV 2, LIV 3, KID 2, CV 4, LIV 14, LI 11, SP 10, SP 6, SP 8,
Dan Zhi Xiao Yao San, Qing Gan Da Yu Tang

2. LIV Qi stagnation -> Fire
-> Blood Heat


Early period, scanty or heavy, malar flush, feeling of heat in the evening, dizziness, tinnitus, 5 palm heat, night sweating,
T: Red, no coating
P: Floating-empty or Fine and Rapid
TX: Nourish Yin, clear Empty Heat, regulate the periods
LU 7 r, KD 6 l, CV 4, KD 3 LIV 8, SP 6, KD 2

Liver & Kidney Yin Deficiency