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check this out

Check this out. Check this out means listen to this. Check this out.

An example of check this out would be: Scott said, “Check this out. I got two free tickets to the Rolling Stones concert.” Check this out.


you’ve gotta be kidding

you cannot be serious


pullin’ my leg

making a joke by lying to someone and pretending the lie is true



Far-fetched. This means unbelievable. Far-fetched.

For example: When Chris said that he won $200,000 in Las Vegas, I thought it sounded far-fetched. Far-fetched.


due east

exactly east of someplace


all of a sudden

This is right away with no warning. All of a sudden.

For example: I was driving my car when all of a sudden someone hit me. It happened so fast.


it dawned on me

I remembered; I realized

And I go on to say, “Then it dawned on me, oh, that was an earthquake. It was...”
It dawned on me. This means I remembered or I realized. It dawned on me.





a while

A while means a long time. A while. An example of a while is: I have been an English teacher for a while. A while.

for a while

1 [frequent] for a short time

the baby was quiet for a while


it’s a given

It’s a given. This means there is no doubt. It’s a given. For example, when you walk or live in downtown New York, it’s a given that you will hear a lot of noise. It’s a given.


taking place



cut out

To leave, go or exit

I am going to cut out in a few minutes.

Also cut out means no longer was able to be seen.

The TV coverage of the game cut out. It was no longer able to be seen.

For example: The television station cut out during the big rain storm. Cut out.


weed through

Weed through. This means to look or dig through. Weed through.

An example of weed through is: I had to weed through a lot of papers when I did my yearly income taxes for the government.


a dime a dozen

This means very common. A dime a dozen.

An example of a dime a dozen would be: I remember when no one had a cell phone. But today they are a dime a dozen.