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What equipment should the nominated ECO ensure is available?

Entry Control Board ECO tabbard Chinagraph pencil Acme whistle Guideline tallys (A and B) Branch guideline tallys (1-4 where applicable) Aide memoires Guidelines IEC pack Handheld radio for ECO or comms operator ECB tripod and bracket


Where should an ECP be situated?

In a safe position, as near to the scenes of operations as possible. In safe air (weather conditions, wind direction) In a position that it should not need repositioning should the incident deteriorate


What is the maximum number of wearers available to a 'Stage 1' entry control?

10 wearers


How could the ECO maximise the efficiency of the telemetry signal?

Use the tripod to propogate the signal Site the ECB with as few obstructions to BA wearers as possible Site the ECB with its back towards BA wearers Ensure ECB handles are not obstructed or held onto during use (the handle houses the aerial)


What information should the ECO enter onto the top of the ECB

The location of the enrty control point ECP callsign The role and name of the ECO


What steps should the ECO undertake when setting up an ECP?

Set up the ECB and check the clock Enter the boad info Don ECB tabbard Set up IEC pack Obtain a radio, switch to channel 6.


If there is a nominated BA Communications operator, what channel should the ECO's radio be switched to?

The incident command channel (channel 1)


When must an ECO ensure that BA teams return to the ECP by?

Prior to the teams first time of whistle


If the ECB fails, what actions should the ECO take?

Request a second ECB (they must not leave the initial ECB) Maintain close contact with BA wearers via radio The time failed must be reported to the IC and annotated on the ECB


Following failure of the ECB, what is the maximum time recommended before the consideration of initiating emergency procedures should be considered?

5 mins


When must a BA emergency team be committed?

A BA wearer has not returned to the ECP by their lowest time of whistle (either telemetry or manually calculated, whicheber first) Actuation of ADSU/DSU A BA wearer is in distress


Before removing a BA tally from the ECB, what must BA wearers do?

Close down and purge their sets


What is the minimum role of a stage two BA Entry Control Officer?

Crew Manager


How would the ECO record the fact that a fireground 'A' test has been completed?

['A' test not recorded] in the remarks column of the BA board


What is the working duration of an SDBA set

31 mins


What is the safety margin of an SDBA set

12 mins


At which pressure does the electronic low pressure warning device actuate at?

84 bar


What is the total duration of an SDBA set

43 mins (12mins are not to be used)


At what pressure does the pneumatic low pressure warning whistle operate at?

74 bar +/- 5 bar


What does the power take off do

It diverts power from the road wheels to aa seperatr drive shaft (the pump)


What must be applied before engaging the PTO?

The handbrake and air dump


What component of the pump increases the pressure up to 4 times more than a low pressure impellar?

A Peripheral impellar. This allows the hosereels to work at high pressure (35-40 bar)


How would you know the tank is full?

All four lights on the water tank indicator are illuminated


Supplied from the water tank, the pump can deliver........lpm?

2700 litres per minute


A sudden increase in the low pressure gauge could indicate....

Branches being shut down Kinks in the delivery hose Vehicles or debris on delivery hose


A sudden decrease in the low pressure gauge could indicate....

Branches being opened Burst delivery hose Empty appliance tank


How would you know that the auto fill valve is fully open?

When three lights (or fewer) are illuminated on the flow meter


How long can the LPP be operated for on a full tank of petrol?

1.5 hours


What is the optimum bar pressure of the LPP?

4 bar optimum


What is the length of hosereel hose?

18.3m per length


What is the maximum ammount of BA wearers at Stage 1 entry control?



List the 12 Aide Memoires

1- Stage 1 ECO duties 2- Stage 2 ECO duties 3- BA main control Operative duties 4- BA communications operative 5- Distress to wearer procedure 6- Cylinder procedure 7- BTP oxygen BA sets 8- Respirator Entry Control 9- Respirator Decision Tool 10- Manual Log On and Log Off 11- not in use (working duration on ECB) 12- BA Maintaining telemetry


How would an ECO be identified?

By their yellow and black chequered ECO tabbard


What are the ECO's routine duties on station?

Ensure that correct equipment is available Ensure that the ECB is fully tested Make sure that the second set bags are available on Fire Rescue Units, Command Units and Operational Support Units Report any defects to the watch manager immediately


If a BA signal cannot be achieved on the ECB, via telemetry or manually, what must the BA wearer do?

Replace their set before committal


How would an ECO withdraw a BA team?

By pressing the 'emergency selective' button. Or the 'Evacuate-all' button


What criteria must be met for a BA team to re-enter the risk area?

All BA team members must be fit for re-entry Minimum pressure of 190 bar (higher pressures will still be recorded as 190 bar) Must be a dedicated task, with a 15 minute time of warning entered into the 'location' column. 'Re-entry' entered into the remarks column.


What are the 4 requirements of an emergency team?

Led by a minimum of crew manager At least as large as the largest BA team With the saame level of protection as committed BA teams One second set for every two BA wearers in the emergency team Team leader equipped with Radio comms.


What will the recorded call signs of the emergency teams be?

Emergency team 1, emergency team 2 etc.


What must be established at Stage 2 entry control?

Emergency and Relief teams


Can EDBA and SDBA both be entered onto the same Entry Control Board?

Yes, but all teams members musty be equipped with the same level of BA


Who is to attach main guideline tallies?