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How old was he when he was crowned King



When was Henry's Third Act of succession?



How did Henry create a smooth transition of power?

Through a Privy Council, with equal members of Catholics and Protestants


How many members of each faction sat on the council?



Which members of the council were removed?

Stephen Gardener - as he was argumentative and had an argument with Henry.
Thomas Howard - He tried to use the crest of Edward the Confessor as he family crest. This was seen as treason so he was arrested and removed. Importantly these members were Catholic and so put the balance of the council on the protestant side.


What were Somerset's titles?

Edward Seymour, 1st Earl of Hertford, 1st Duke of Somerset. Lord Protector. The last two are the important ones.


What was the Book of Homilies?

Book of Model Sermons in English


When did Somerset dissolve the Chantries?



What were the dates of the prayer books?

1549 + 1552


What were the dates of the Act's of Uniformity?

1549 + 1552


What did the Act's of Uniformity do?

Makes the prayer books the sole form of worship in England - enforces them


What were the causes of the western rebellion?

Religious services/changes, some economic.


When did the western rebellion take place?

6 June - 16th August 1549


What were some of the western rebels demands?

Return of the Six Articles, Mass in Latin,Services like the old ones (not the new one) Holy Bread and water on Sunday, Return of Cardinal Pole, Prayer Book until Edward was 16 and sacraments to be hung over the altar and worshipped.
They were basically calling for a reversal of the Henrican and Edwardian reforms.
They also called for taxes on cloth and sheep to be scrapped and complained of a food shortage - these were listed in Edward's letter to them.


What were the Six articles (from the reign of Henry VIII)?

Outlined the Doctrine of the CofE and were largely Catholic in their theology.


What are the reason for the Western Rebels demands?

Devon and Cornwall was a religious conservative area of England (so catholic) and the demands were drawn up by catholic priests so was likely to have a catholic bias.


How were the Western Rebels defeated?

There were several small battles at Fenny Bridges, Clyst St Mary and Clyst Heath, however the main battle was at Sampford Courtenay. During this battle 3000 rebels were killed by Russel's forces of 8,0000 men. The leaders were then executed by being hung, drawn and quartered. Russel also used a three pronged attack supported by Lord Grey and Sir William Herbert.


What was the main cause of Kett's Rebellion?

Mostly enclosure - but also protest against local govt. and Somerset.


What was Enclosure?

Splitting of common land with gates and fences. This meant that sheep could only be grazed in certain places and caused an increase in rent. It was mainly carried out by the gentry/lords of an area.


What were some of the demands of Kett's Rebels?

Stopping of Enclosure, Preists or vicars unable to preach to parishioners to be removed, Cheaper rents on several types of land. Religously the demands were more protestant in nature and socially concered the breakdown of structure and was mostly conservite - i.e accepting right to keep doves, but complaining when those below a certain position kept doves.


Why did Kett's rebellion fail?

Kett and his rebels had captured Norwich - however Somersets army of 12,000 men + 1,200 German mercenaries surrounded the city and so Kett gave up the city. Ketts army was then later surrounded at mouse hold heath - this caused a battle in which 3000 rebels were killed. It was put down by the Earl of Warwick - who later became the Duke of Northumberland.


When did Kett's rebellion take place?

October 1549


When does Somerset fall from power?

October 1549


Who was Northumberland and when was he appointed?

John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland + Earl of Warwick. Also Lord President of the council - which he assumed in 1550.


When was the Second Act of Uniformity passed?



What were the 42 articles and why were they never passed?

Defined Liturgy of the church, Edward died before they could be implemented.


What job did Cranmer have?

Archbishop of Canterbury


When does Edward die?

6th July 1553, not announced until 10th though.


What was the Devise?

Removed Mary and Elizabeth from succession, inserted Lady Jane Grey instead. This was over concerns about Mary's religious policy.