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what is the difference between beta 1 and 2 receptors

Beta receptors-beta 1 inc the heart rate, inc contractility. Beta 1-you have 1 heart
Beta 2-you have two lungs. Causes bronchodilation


what function do bound alpha receptors have

Alpha your bodys organ triage system. It decides which organs are most imp or least imp. They will draw blood away to most imp organs. Alpha receptors withdraw in order from extrem, GI, kidneys,


how long can the cells in extremities metb anaerobically

The cells in extremities can metb anaerobically for 1.5hrs.
Gi tract can last an hr before cell death
Kidneys can last approx 45min without oxygenated blood.


pt has compartment syndrome and pulseless limb what CTAS triage level might they be
how soon should they be seen

Level II- see in 15min


which triage levels are focused upon in a disaster

focus on levels II and III as the interventions will make the biggest difference for them. Level Is will die and IVs can wait..
greatest good for most # of people


inflm peaks at __hrs and genrally subsides by ___

36 or 48?


pt has inspiratory stridor what might be the problem in adult

foreign body is stuck in a/w


why does inspiratory stridor often happen in kids? what is occuring physiologically

Classically peds sound. Gen from croup. From pulling diaphragm down their trachea is soft and closes off
Pay most attention to tongue and inflm.


pt has C spine injury and is unconscious and making snoring noise what can you not do
what should you do instead

head tilt chin lift. DONT

jaw thrust


your pts a/w is in trouble but you put in oropharyngeal a/w are they safe now?

no, all this does is keep the tongue from back of throat
they need intubation for definitive a/w mgmt


your pt is breathing very quickly and struggling to get air but their lungs sound fine and Sp02 is 98% what could be the problem

low Hgb


what 3 parts of breathing are there



pt doesnt have reg pulse and pulse is thready what intervention (not assessment) do you do

Generally first approach is to give them volume.


if your pt needs _liters fast then gen you should use blood products instead as they need Hgb to transport 02



what does AVPU stand for


A=awake and alert
V=respond only to verbal stimulus
P=responds to pain


what is CTAS

canadian triage acuity scale


what order of things do you treat and assess eg starting with airway

airway; then ventilation but c spine must be protected and chest injuries ruled out first, immed after a/w; eval and restore CO by control of hemorrhage, prevent or treat shock, manage hypothermia, examine periph pulses and any immed closed reductions of fractures are performed if extremity is pulseless, GCS, motor and sensory eval of spine.)


how many mins before you have permanent brain injury or death from cerebral hypoxia



you find a pt unconscious other than listening for breathing what do you assess

assess oropharynx in case they have something in mouth


your pt comes into ER bleeding what test do you want what do you want put in

blood typing will be done
put in two large gauge Ivs one for replacement and the other for blood


would it be better to use O negative or O positive blood for woman age 27

O neg as she is childbearing age and she might be Rh negative and positive blood could sensitize her to a future Rh pos baby-->hemolytic disease of the newborn


is a tourniquet applied early to bleeding wounds

no it is last resort


why are ABGs taken during internal hemmorhage

• ABG’s are obtained to evaluate pulmonary function and tissue perfusion and to establish hemodynamic parameters and then used as an index for determining the amount of fluid replacement the patient can tolerate and the response to therapy.


why does a grand mal seizure stop

there is no longer enough oxygen


You are walking down the hallway of your unit when a visitor comes out of a room calling for help. You go into the room and find another visitor on the floor seizuring.
what will you do first?

check room is safe
turn on 02 and suction


what kind of a/w doesnt stim the gag reflex



why get 02 ready for seizure pt

their seizure will use a lot of oxygen and they may come out of it breathing irregularly


how does vagal stimulation affect the heart

it slows it. this is part of parasympathetic system


wat kind of things can cause vagal stimulation

eating too much, things that inc intrathoracic pressure

many things can cause vasovagal syncope like seeing blood


how is someones BP after seizure

very high