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Rejected Takeoff for Captain (SOPM 04-06.17)

- Simultaneously: Thrust levers - Idle
- Wheel Brakes - Maximum until safe stop,
- Thrust reverser(s) - Maximum


Rejected Takeoff for FO (SOPM 04-06.19)

- Monitor airplane deceleration status
- Verify reverse thrust
- Advise ATC
- When aircraft has stopped, Perform appropriate checklist, as applicable.


Following a rejected takeoff for Captain, what are your actions? (SOPM 04-06.19)

- Set Parking Brake
- Communicate with FAs and Passengers, as necessary
- Request appropriate checklist, as applicable.


Following a rejected takeoff for an FO, if the decision is made to evacuate, what communication statement must be made to the FA for the FA to prepare the cabin for evacuation? (SOPM 05-01.3)

Assess and wait for my command


Following a rejected takeoff for the Captain, if a decision to expedite deplane is made, after
communicating with the FA(s), and informing them of the need to expedite deplane, what PA
announcements is made to the passengers? and When is the is PA made? (FOM 11-29.H.1b)

- Evacuate, Evacuate Evacuate.
- When directed by the Emergency evacuation procedure.


During an emergency evacuation, if it is possible, where do you direct the passengers as they
evacuate the aircraft? (FOM 11-29.H.2e)

- The FO would remove all passengers beyond the fire equipment and, when possible off any paved
surface, out of range of possible fire or explosion.
- Direct all passengers to keep moving away from the aircraft at least 500ft upwind.


During an emergency evacuation, what emergency equipment does the FO remove from the flight deck, as they evacuate the aircraft?
(Land - FOM 11-29.H.2d) (Water - FOM 11-34.C.2)

- Flight deck fire extinguisher and crash axe (for land).
- Flashlight and flotation equipment (for water landing).


In flight what QRC/QRH checklist items require confirmation by the PF during the applicable
Emergency/Abnormal procedure? (QRC/QRC)

- Any time you move a thrust lever to idle or to the shut off position.
- All guarded switches
( including when pushing engine fire push switches, or when turning a fuel boost pump off
- Or when disconnecting a generator in flight

1. Thrust Levers
2. Guarded Switches
3. Generators

The pilot flying must confirm.


What QRC/QRH checklist items are confirmed by the PF on the ground? (QRC/QRH)



Define the NTSBO briefing. (FOM 11-27)

- Nature of Emergency- Conditions creating the emergency and expected landing condition.

- Time- Available time for preparation before emergency landing.

- Signal- Signal used for evacuation, expedited deplaning, or non-evacuation of the aircraft
once aircraft has landed

- Brace- Determine when the brace position will be necessary.

- Other- Any additional information pertinent to emergency evacuation.


Regarding the BRACE command, what emergency/abnormal conditions would warrant a
brace command? (FOM 11-27)

Due to the nature of the emergency landing and during any water landing


Regarding the BRACE command when in flight, how is the command given? (FOM 11-27)

Just prior to landing state over the PA, “Brace, Brace, Brace”.


In an Emergency/Abnormal procedure, which situations require oxygen masks be donned, 100% selected,
and communications established between crewmembers? (QRH 2-2) (SOPM 05-01.1)

When Smoke/Fire/Fumes are present, when performing an emergency descent, or anytime oxygen deficiency or contamination is suspected.


How is the ACP configured and what statements are made to establish communications
between crew members when oxygen masks have been donned? (SOPM 04-08.9) (SOPM 05-01.3)

- Mask/Boom Switch - Mask
- Audio Panel R/TI/C Selector - Off
- Control Yoke R/TI/C Selector - Off
- Audio Panel Speaker - (Press) on.

CP: “Captain on O2” FO: “First Officer on O2”