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When in the armed position, when does the ELT go off?

when it reaches its preset G-load limit.


What happens when the ELT is activated?

The amber ELT light comes on and the ELT transmits on 121.5, 243.0 and 406.0 mhz.


Talk about water fire extinguishers.

They contain a solution of water and antifreeze. They are pressurized by a CO2 cartridge when handle is rotated fully clockwise. Use on fabric, paper or wood fires only.


Halon fire extinguishers are effective on all types of fires but primarily on which types of fires?

Electrical, fuel and grease fires.


How far from the fire should you be for a Halon fire extinguisher?

about 6 feet.


What is a Class A fire, give examples and what type of extinguisher is best?

Combustible materials.
paper, wood, rubber, certain plastics.
Use Water extinguisher


What is a Class B fire, give examples and what type of extinguisher is best?

Flammable liquids.
Gasoline, oils, greases, solvents, paints, fats.
BCF (Halon 1211)


What is a Class C fire, give examples and what type of extinguisher is best?

Live Electrical.
short circuit, faulty wiring.
BCF (Halon 1211).


The concentrated agent, or the by products created by the heat of the fire....

are toxic when inhaled.


What must crew members do when a fire extinguisher is to be discharged in the flight deck?

use oxygen masks with 100% oxygen and emergency selected.


Where is a crash ax normally located?

left side of cockpit near circuit breaker panel.


Where are the escape straps located in the flight deck?

Above the pilot seats.


How many over wing hatches are there?



What will happen if the door slide is attached to the airplane floor?

the slides will deploy when the door is opened


Can the over wing exit doors be opened from the outside?

Yes, both inside and outside.


What is the purpose of the escape straps for the over wing exit doors?

The strap is attached to a ring on the top surface of the wing and can be used as a hand hold in a ditching emergency for passengers to walk out on the wing.


How does the flight lock system work for the over wing emergency exits?

Powered by 28V DC power. Designed to ensure that the flight lock will lock automatically during takeoff, in-flight and landing AND unlock on the ground to allow for door opening in emergencies.


Overwing flight locks are commanded to lock and unlock based on what?

Inputs from engine speed, thrust lever position, air/ground mode status, and the open/closed status of the doors.


Overwing and mid-exit emergency exits lock when:

3 of 4 entry/service doors are closed
either engine is running
Airplane air/ground logic indicates that the airplane is in the air or both thrust levers are advanced.


When do overwing and mid exit emergency exits unlock?

At least 2 entry/service doors are open
No engines running
Airplane air/ground logic indicates the airplane is not in the air or 1 thrust lever is not advanced
DC power is lost.