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How many oxygen systems are there?

2. One for flight crew and one for passengers.


Where are the portable oxygen cylinders normally found?

forward and aft areas of the passenger cabin


How high may crew oxygen pressure read on the guage?

As high as 1850 psi


What does the NORMAL position mean for the PASS OXYGEN system?

masks will drop and passenger oxygen system is activated automatically if cabin altitude climbs to 14,000 feet.


What does the PASS OXY ON light mean?

passenger oxygen system is operating AND the masks have dropped.


Where are there masks located?

All passenger seats, FA seats and lavatories. Masks and regulators for all flight deck positions.


How many crew oxygen cylinders are there and where are they found?

Just 1 cylinder. Found underneath the flight deck area. Flow is controlled from high pressure to low pressure via a regulator.


Where does pressure breathing occur?

above 27,000 feet with pressure breathing mask on.


Where is the regulator for the oxygen mask?

On the mask. Options are Normal or 100%


How do you don the mask?

Grasp regulator with thumb and forefinger and remove. Squeeze red levers together.


What happens when you squeeze the inflation levers for the O2 mask?

inflates the mask harness and displays colored oxygen flow indicator.


How is passenger oxygen supplied.

Via chemical oxygen generators located at each passenger service unit (PSU).


How are the chemical oxygen generators activated?

By pulling any mask in the unit down. Then all four masks have oxygen flowing.


How do you know oxygen is flowing? How long does it flow for?

A green indicator is located just above the bag and shows green when oxygen is flowing. Approximately 12 minutes. Once started it cannot be shut down.


Can you manually open the compartment for the masks to drop?

Yes, open with a small object


Portable oxygen cylinders have two continuous flow settings. What are they?

One regulates flow @ 2L/minute for walk around. The other is a 4L/minute for first aid.