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What is meant by organic waste?

Waste from living organisms containing carbon compounds


Which process return carbon dioxide to the atmosphere?

Respiration and combustion


How can energy wastage be reduced in a food chain?

Reduce the number of stages. Carnivores have less energy available than herbivores who only have plants


Give an example of a detritus feeder.



What is a sankey diagram?

A type of graph that shows total amount of energy in and where it gets used


Why does a compost heap get hot?

The energy from respiration heats up the surroundings


Why do we normally eat herbivores than carnivores?

There are less stages in the food chain. Eating plants is the most efficient way of feeding the world population, but if we want meat then eating herbivores means less energy is wasted


What do we mean by a stable community in terms of recycling nutrients?

The processes that remove materials from the environment are balanced by processes that return these materials. Materials such as carbon are recycled


When a calf eats grass, only about 30%of the material is turned into new growth of the calf. Where does the other 70% go?

There is undigested food in the faeces, urea is lost in the urine, uses energy to move around, calf produces methane, energy used in respiration is lost to the environment


What does the word biomass mean?

The mass of living material