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Describe how humans get energy from milk.

The sun provides energy for plants to grow. The cows gain energy by eating the plants. The milk from the cows contain energy that is transferred to people when they drink the milk.


Define energy

Energy is the ability to do work.


Define a producer

A living thing that makes it own food.


Define a consumer

A living thing that can't make its own food and gets energy from eating a producer's food.


Define a decomposer

A living thing that gets energy from breaking down dead plants and animals


Name 4 types of energy

Sound energy
Light energy
Heat energy
Movement energy


What is a fossil fuel?

Remains of plants and animals that can be burnt to release energy. Coal and oil.


What are renewable energy sources?

Energy sources that won't run out like the sun and the wind.


What are non-renewable energy sources?

Energy sources that will eventually out like oil and coal.


What is input and output energy?

The energy out into a machine is called input energy and the energy that the machine gives off is called the output energy.


What is the main source of all energy on earth?

The sun