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What does the A.I.D.A. theory stand for and mean?

A - ATTRACT the attention of the audience so that they can take in the information.

I - INTEREST the audience in the product, show the relationship between the product and them, why they need the product

D - DESIRE Make them want the product, show them an image related to the product that they desire

A - ACTION Cause them to want to take action and buy the product


Name the 5 female gender stereotypes

  1. Woman as family slave
  2. Woman as incomplete or dependent, low intelligence
  3. Woman as goddess - young, slender, beautiful, perfect
  4. Women are impulsive and cannot control themselves - she is frivolous, jealous, childish, etc.
  5. Women are sex objects - seen as an accessory


Name the 5 male gender stereotypes.

  1. Man is family boss/master - he works and looks after the money
  2. Man is independent in every way - capable of making logical decisions
  3. god - young, muscular, strong, handsome, perfect
  4. Men are logical, calculating, mature and in control
  5. Men are obsessed with sex


What is branding?

The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products


Name 10 advertising techniques

  • bandwagon
  • heartstrings (tear jerker)
  • family fun (million dollar family)
  • weasel words
  • endorsements (often celebrities)
  • facts & figures
  • repetition
  • plain folks
  • snob appeal
  • bribery
  • testimonials
  • humor
  • avante garde (be the early bird)
  • magic ingredient
  • patriotism
  • nostalgia
  • sex appeal
  • beauty
  • rebellion
  • lifestyle
  • rhetorical question
  • statistics
  • expert opinion
  • shock value


Name the 5 categories in the ladder of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

  1. Basic Physical needs (food, water, shelter)
  2. Safety & Security (physical and emotional safety)
  3. Need to Belong (acceptance)
  4. Self-Esteem (understanding your own strengths and weaknesses, being comfortable in your own skin)
  5. Self-Actualization (knowing your place in the world, working towards a greater good, working to meet others' needs)



What is a commercial vs. non-commercial advertisement?

A commercial advertisement is one that looks to sell a product for profit. A non-commercial advertisement is non-profit, usually for a charity organization.


How do advertisers use social media to advertise?

They make ads appear to be just part of the normal flow of content on a social networking website. The ad is blended in with content from other users.


What is a public service announcement?

A PSA is a message to the public meant to raise awareness, change public behaviour/attitudes towards the issue.


What advertising techniques are used in public service announcements?

Shock value, tear jerker, plain folks, statistics, facts and figures


What are some different types of public service announcements?

Posters, commercials, billboards, magazine ads


What are parody advertisements?

They are imitative works created to mock, comment on, or trivialise an original work, its subject, author, style, or some other target.


What makes an athlete a good choice for a sponsorship?

 A good sponsorship choice is someone who is successful in their sport, a good role model, and has an inspirational story.


What do advertisers do when trying to sell food?

They style the food in a way that makes it look perfect and delicious so that the consumer will want to buy the product.


What do advertisers try to tell us about how we should look?

Ads tell us that women need to be tall, skinny, beautiful, and perfect. They tell us that men need to be tall, dark, muscular, handsome and perfect.