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the engineering method

  1. Recognize and understand the problem.
  2. Accumulate data and verify accuracy.
  3. Select the appropriate theory or principle.
  4. Make necessary assumptions.
  5. Solve the problem.
  6. Verify and check results.

problem presentation

  1. Problem Statement – This is a summary of the given
    information and an explanation of what needs to be
  2. Diagram – A sketch or diagram showing how things are
    setup and containing given and needed information.
  3. Theory – Laws, relationships, and equations which will
    govern the steps used to solve the problem.
  4. Assumptions – Information that provides a starting point
    from which to solve or provides relationships that allow
    you to eliminate unknowns.
  5. Solution Steps – The steps taken to obtain the solution.
  6. Identify Results & Verify Accuracy – Clearly identifying
    the final result (boxing, double underline, highlighting,
    etc.) and making sure that this solution makes sense and
    has the correct units.