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Convencer a alguien

To get SO to change SO's mind
It's is a waste of time trying to get her to change her mind
I'm trying to convince her


Estar en peligro de

To be in danger of
The whole building is in danger of collapsing


Nadie sabe cómo acabará algo

There's no telling what the outcome will be
There's no knowing how ST will be
There's no telling/knowing how SO will do ST


Pasarse por la cabeza

To cross SO's mind
It never crossed my mind that I would lose my job


Dejar a alguien sin palabras

Leave SO speechless
Your comments have left me completely speechless


No verle utilidad a algo

Can't see the point of/in doing ST
Many teenagers can't see the point of staying on at school


Comparación: uno mucho más que el otro

Far more/-er than
You are far better dancer than me
Far less than
The turnout is far less than hoped
A lot more
I'm a lot more likely to keep on with a class if I'm enjoying it
Loads less
It is loads less beautiful than Die Walküre
Not nearly as ... as
I'm not nearly as good at dancing as you


Comparación: uno considerablemente más que el otro

Considerably more than
You eat considerably more than me
Much lower than
My consumption is much lower than yours
Far fewer than
There are far fewer good films than before
Significant fall
There has been a significant fall in the number of good films
Many more
Many more people are buying things
Great rise
It's been a great rise in the number of online sales
A decline in the number of
It's been a decline in the number of online sales


Comparación: uno un poco menos que el otro

Not quite as
News isn't quite as bad compared to yesterday
Slightly less than
News has been slightly less bad than yesterday
Only just
He's only just tall enough to be a cop
If he were any shorter, he wouldn't be able to be a cop


Abolutamente nada, ni la más mínima

Absolutely nothing
You know absolutely nothing about me
Not the slightest
You haven't got the slightest idea about who I am


Mucho, una cantidad considerable

Considerable attention must be paid to this exercise
A great deal of
We have to take a great deal of care with this exercise


Poner excusas, buscar pretextos

Make excuses
He made his excuses and left


Romper una promesa

Break a promise
You should never break your promise to a child


Hacer un chiste, decir una parida

Crack a joke
He's funny, he's always cracking jokes


Cometer un error, hacer una estupidez, meter la pata

Commit a blunder
He commited a blunder with that deal


Plantear una pregunta, ponder algo en el tapete

To raise a question
To raise an issue


Hacer que alguien que está nervioso se relaje

Put SO at ease
Thank you very much for putting me at ease during the exam


Dar prioridad

Give priority
I always give priority to my girlfriend when taking important decisions


Dar el paso, decidirse a hacer algo

Make a move
I will make a move and ask her out


Ir bien, hacer(te) bien

Do good
Going to see a film will do you both good


Poner a alguien al corriente de las últimas noticias

Bring SO up to date on
The boss asked Joe to bring him up to date on the latest news


Explicar algo como causado por algo, achacar algo a algo

Put ST down to ST
I put his bad humor down to his illness
Don Juan put his success with women down to his charm


Tomarse algo/alguien en serio

Take SO/ST seriously
Janet refused to take him seriously


Colapsar por trabajo o estrés

Crack under the strain of
He finally cracked under the strain of working too much


Dar por finalizado

Put paid to
An injury put paid to Jim's professional career


Llegar al final

Come to an end
The celebration came to an end about midnight


Cumplir plazos

Meet deadlines
The successful completion of the work is more important than meeting deadlines


Interferir, alterar negativamente

Play havoc with
Extreme weather conditions have played havoc with traffic today


No tener nada que ver, no guardar el menor parecido

Bear no resemblance to
Conditions in his new job bear no resemblance to the advertisement


Vivir con, ganarse la vida con, pasar con

Make ends meet on
It is impossible for most families to make ends meet on just one salary


Llegar a la conclusión

Jump/come to the conclusion
With insufficient information it is easy to jump to the wrong conclusion


Estar en blanco, quedarse en blanco

Draw a blank
Inspector Clouseau has so far drawn a blank in his investigation


Retroceder mentalmente, remontarse a

Cast your mind back to
I would like you to cast your mind back to the beginning of the century


Gastarle una broma a

Play a trick on
The students played a trick on the teacher


No dar resultado, quedarse en nada, venirse abajo

Come to nothing
Jim's plans to become a professional came to nothing


Resultar un desastre, encontrar la ruina

Meet with disaster
All his attempts met with disaster



Stand for, put up, tolerate
We will not stand for impertinent behaviour


Llamar la atención de alguien sobre algo

Draw SO's attention to ST
Allow me to draw your attention to the emergency exits


Tener consideración con, ser flexible con

Make allowances for
You have to make allowances for his brusque manner


Dar la talla

Come up to scratch
This spaghetti doesn't come up to scratch for this restaurant


Venirse abajo, irse al traste, fallar o acabar mal

Come to grief
In icy roads, many drivers come to grief when they go round bends


Parecer lógico, parecer razonable

Stand to reason
If you want to have children, then it stands to reasonthat you have to make sacrifices


Aprovechar el tiempo

Make the most of your time
Make the most of your time by enjoying life as much as possible


Hacer responsable de algo a alguien

Hold SO responsible for ST
I'll hold you responsible if anything happens


Meter la pata hablando

Put your foot in it
Whenever I open my mouth, I seem to put my foot in it


Improvisar, actuar a primera vista

Play it by ear
With no preparation, we'll have to play it by ear


Sembrar la duda sobre, dudar sobre

Cast doubt on
The scientific community cast doubt on his findings


Ponerse firme

Put SO's foot down
Mum just put her foot down and said: 'You can't go'


Colaborar, tomar parte en, jugar un papel

Play a part
She played a part in promoting the event


Mantener opniones

Hold opinions
My aunt holds opinions on the subject of cruelty to animals


Satisfacer los requisitos

Meet the requirements
Your hotel doesn't meet the requirements to be a five star


Echar un vistazo a algo

Cast eye over
You could cast your eye over this document


Por mucho que...

Much as...
Much as I enjoyed the holiday, I was glad to be home


Por muy ADJ que...

ADJ though/as...
Hot though/as the night air was, they slept soundly


Incluso así, a pesar de ello

Even so
Much of the power of the trade unions has been lost. Even so, their political influence should not be understimated


Sin embargo, no obstante

However, nevertheless
The weather was terrible. Nevertheless, we decided to go ahead with the picnic


No importa cómo, quién, qué, cuál, cuánto

No matter how/what/who/which
However much
However ADJ
However many times you ask me, I'm not moving
Whichever day you visit, I won't be at home
No matter how hard he tries, he can't get Mona to laugh
However much she wants to, she can't do it
However far you run, you can never run away from yourself


Por mucho que alguien lo intenta/ó

Try as SO might, ...
Try as he might, Jim couldn't get his horse jump over the fence


Pese a todo/a/os/as, ...

For all SO's...
For all his efforts, Jim couldn't make his horse jump the fence


A pesar de

Regardless of
Irrespective of
Scott carried on regardless of our advice to stop
The stamp is valuable irrespective of who sells it


Es inevitable que... (Certeza 1 máxima)

It's a foregone conclusion that...
Will definitely...
It's a foregone conclusion that Geoffrey will do this. He will definitely win a Nobel Prize


Hay muy pocas dudas de que... (Certeza 2 casi máxima)

There's little doubt that...
Be bound to...
There's little doubt that Harry will do this. He is bound to do well in his chosen career


Hay muchas probabilidades de que... (Certeza 3 mucha)

There's every likelihood that/of...
Will very probably...
There's every likelihood of Ivan's doing this. He will probably set up his own business


Hay bastantes posibilidades de que... (Certeza 4 bastante)

There's a strong possibility that...
May well...
There's a strong possibility that Jasper will do this. He may well become the next director


Hay pocas posibilidades de que... (Certeza 5 poca)

There's a slight chance of...
Might just...
There's a slight chance of Kevin doing this. He might just get into the team


Ser una fuente de...

Be a major source of...
Work can be a major source of stress for many of us


Dar pie a, dar lugar a

Give rise to
It may even give rise to friction in our relationships
Give rise to SO's doing ST
Her ugly face gave rise to my running away


Tener el efecto de

Have the effect of
All this can have the effect of making our lives seem not worth living


Ser provocado por

Be brought on by
Various symptoms can be brought on by stress at work


Ser un resultado de

Be one result ofArise as a result of
High blood pressure can be one result of too much pressure in the workplace
Your misery may arise as a result of bullying by malicious workmates


Ser causado por

Be due to
Be caused by
The may simply be due to a badly designed work spaceIt may be caused by having to perform monotonous tasks


Tener su origen en

Have its roots in
It may have its roots in something as important as a malfunctioning coffee machine


Se desprende que, se deduce que, por consiguiente

It follows that
All forms of life are interconnected, so it follows that human activity has an effect on the environment


Hacerse un nombre, labrarse una reputación

Make a name for oneself (as)
He is making a name for himself as an artist
Make SO's name
He made his name creating this type of dresses


Prender fuego a algo

Set fire to
I set fire to a strip of magnesium


Prenderse fuego algo

Catch fire
Gasoline can catch fire very easily


Tener que ver con, estar asociado con

Be associated with
These problems are associated with the environment


Ayudar a hace algo

Help in/by doing ST
The lights helped in/by reducing the required exposure time


Ser valorado

Be valued
Spontaneity is valued by those watching or listening


Hacerse cargo de los costes

Meet the costs
The organisers agreed to meet the costs of clearing up after the pop concert


Cumplir los objetivos

Meet the targets
The company failed to meet the targets for the year


Aclararse, aparecer claro

Become clear
It soon became clear that Paula would not be able to finish the race


Simplemente por bondad

Out of the goodness of your heart
She made it out of the goodness of her heart


En términos generales, hablando en general

Broadly speaking
I think that, broadly speaking, we are all self-conscious


Día sí día no

Every other day


Llevarse una gran sorpresa

To be taken aback (at/by)
When Mary told me the news, I was taken aback for a moment


Pasarse de la raya

To go over the top
He went over the top by tipping waiters up to 30%


Estar involucrado con/en, tener trato con/en

Be involved with/in
He is involved with everything from racing himself


Sufrir una reprimenda, ser reñido

To get told off
You can drive as fast as you like and not get told off


Excitarse con, recibir un chorro de adrenalina de

To get a buzz from/out of
I get a real buzz from crossing the finishing line first


A la inversa, al contrario, en cambio

I feel good. Conversely, she feels really bad


Hacer tu parte del trabajo

To pull your weight
You are not pulling your weight, you are lazy


Achicar agua

To bail out the water
Man the pumps! We have to bail out the water


Muy poco, muy de vez en cuando

Few and far between
Service stations on this highway are few and far between


Distraerse, despitarse

To get sidetracked
I got sidetracked and forgot to tell him


No tener otra opción que

To have no choice but
The company has no choice but to go broke


Afrontar tus responsabilidades

To face the music
He commited a blunder and now he has to face the music


Ni la mitad

Half as many ... as
I've not had half as many problems with my back as I used to


No tantos como...

Nothing like as many ... as
There were nothing like as many classes when I started as there are now


Una y otra vez

Once and again
Again and again
Time and again


En la dicha y en la adversidad

Through thick and thin
He stood by his son through thick and thin


En líneas generales

By and large
By and large, he's really good


En cada rincón, por todas partes

High and low
I've been looking for you high and low


Antes que nada, primero y principalmente

First and foremost
First and foremost, I'd like to thank you all for coming


De buena mañana, a primera hora

Bright and early
He likes to wake up bright and early on holiday


Haber olvidado completamente algo

Don't have any recollection of
Have no recollection of
He was so drunk that he didn't have any recollection of how he got back home


En lo que respecta a algo

As far as ST is concerned...
As far as swimming is concerned he is the best


Cuestión de tiempo

Matter of time (before)
It's a matter of time before we have a problem


Poner a alguien a cargo de algo

Put SO in charge of ST
Make SO responsible of ST
He put me in charge of the children


Quiero expresar mi disconformidad con...

I wish to express my dissatisfaction with...


Hacer la diferencia, significar una diferencia

ST makes a difference (to SO)
I don't mind doing it. It doesn't makes any difference to me


Hacer un esfuerzo, poner de su parte

Make an effort to do ST
Try hard to do ST
You can't give up smoking if you make no effort


Fijarse, darse cuenta de algo, prestar atención

Take a notice of
She wears short skirts in hopes that someone will take notice of her


En caso de

In the event of
In the event of a fire, exit the building inmediately


Tener la intención de hacer algo

Have every intention of doing ST
He has every intention of standing for Parliament
He has no intention of doing that


Ser más cuidadoso con, tener cuidado con

Take some pride in
It's time you took some pride in your appearance. You should be more careful how you look


No hay opción de que alguien haga algo

There's no question SO do ST
There's no question Roger will change his mind


Al tiempo, al mismo tiempo

In the same breath
They are worthy to be mentioned in the same breath as the great explorers


Un cierto grado de

A fair degree of
Although not a native speaker, he can express his ideas in English with a fair degree of accuracy


No significa que, no se deduce obligatoriamente que, on implica necesariamente que

It doesn't follow that
Just because your parents are both teachers, it doesn't follow that you'll be one


Tomar en consideración

Take into consideration
Take this into consideration before you make your decision


Perder los estribos

Lose your temper
Repair what happened after you lose your temper


Llámame (teléfono)

Give me a call
If you want to go out, give me a call


Decir lo que piensas

To speak your mind
It's in my nature, I guess, to speak my mind


Coger a alguien desprevenido

To catch SO unawares
When she asked me to go out, it caught me unawares


Me enfurece

It infuriates me
It infuriates me when people do that kind of thing


Tratar de tener el tacto habitual

Try to be SO's usual tactful self
I tried to be my usual tactful self but he took offence


De quién es la culpa?

Whose fault is it?
Who is to blame for...?


¡Qué vergüenza!

What a disgrace!


Fracasar en el último momento, nadar para morir en la orilla

To fall at the final hurdle
Peter was on course to win salesman of the month award, but on the very last day a constumer cancelled a big order, so he fell at the final hurdle


Establecer un récord

Set a record
Karl Lewis set a lot of records


Contra toda probabilidad

Against all the odds
He came first against all the odds


Dar en la diana

To score a bullseye
He scored a bullseye with his accusation


La pelota está en tu tejado

The ball is in your court now


Enfadarse súbitamente

To go off the deep end
He's got such a short temper and really goes off the deep end if anyone argues with him


Saltarse la salida, empezar antes de tiempo y coger ventaja

To jump the gun
He took unfair advantage because he jumped the gun


Cambiar las reglas sin avisar, cambiar las reglas del juego

Move the goalposts
They moved the goalposts by changing the rules of the competition without warning


Ser otra historia, aer otro juego diferente

To be a different ballgame
They seem to have changed their minds, so in fact it's a different ballgame now


Cuenta conmigo, no me dejes fuera

Don't count me out


Continuar hasta el final

To go the distance


Remontar, recuperarse

To make up ground


De ningún modo

By no means


En el mejor de los casos

At best
At best, this aspect only has a very modest place in current legislation


Como cinco veces, como el quíntuple

Five times as much as
It weighs five times as much as real snow


En forma de

In the form of


Ponerse en contacto

Get in touch
He hasn't got in touch with me for ages


Los objetivos de la vida

The goals in life