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A esta invito yo

I'll get you this


Llegar a comprar antes que nadie

To beat the crowds


En la dirección y sentido correctos

The right way round
The lid has to go on the right way round or it won't fit


Hacer exactamente lo que se pide, lo acertado

To make all the right noises
He made all the right noises about my audition but I couldn't tell if he was genuinely impressed


Estar en tu derecho

To be within your rights
I think I'm quite within my rights to demand a full refund


Tal y como toca

By rights
By rights you should always be speaking English


Ir de compras, a quemar la tarjeta

To hit the shops
Ready to hit the shops?


Al mismo tiempo (Shakespeare)

At one fell swoop
By criticising the company and the team, the new manager succeeded in upsetting everyone at one fell swoop


Comerse toda la comida que hay en tu casa (Shakespeare)

To have eaten me out of house and home
My nephews came to stay at the weekend and have eaten me out of house and home


Asustar mucho (Shakespeare)

To make SO's hair stand on end
It was a terrifying film - it made my hair stand on end


En un instante (Shakespeare)

In the twinkling of an eye
I'll be with you in the twinkling of an eye


Alabar exageradamente algo o alguien (Shakespeare)

To lay it on with a trowel
The TV presenter laid it on with a trowel when he was introducing the film star


Causarse problemas haciendo algo que se supone te ayudará (Shakespeare)

To be hoist with your own petard
The prime minister was hoist with his own petard when the tax laws he had introduced led to his downfall


Siempre hay dificultades que afrontar en una relación amorosa (Shakespeare)

The course of true love never did run smooth


Ridiculizar o despreciar

To pour scorn on
Critics of the company poured scorn on its customer service


En el ojo público

In the public eye
As a celebrity she was used to being in the public eye


Alegrarte el día

To make your day
You want to fight? Go ahead, make my day


Sobre el papel

On paper
She's highly qualified and on paper is clearly the best candidate


Llegar hasta el fondo de

To get to the bottom of
The police said they were determined to get to the bottom of the incident


Ser muy despierto y avispado

To be on the ball
As a manager he's really on the ball and knows how to run his business


Dar esquinazo a alguien

To give SO the slip
The thieves gave the police the slip


Y viceversa

And vice versa


La inspiración existe, pero que te pille trabajando

Inspiration exists but it has to find you working


En total

In all
There were seven guests at the hotel in all, including ourselves


Llevar a cabo un compromiso

To effect a compromise


Ser muy afectado por algo

To be hard hit by
The universities have been hard hit by the government cuts in spending


Tratar a alguien estrictamente

To be hard on SO
Bill is being unnecessarily hard on his son


Hacer algo de la manera más difícil

To do ST the hard way
I learnt French the hard way - years of irregular verbs at school


Hacerse el duro

To play hard to get
He hasn't given us a response. Playing hard to get, is he?


En este estado de cosas

In this state of affairs
In this state of affairs, there are no offices where complaints can be lodged


Tan natural como respirar

As natural as breathing
To her, singing is as natural as breathing



I am because of you
People are not people without other people
Ubuntu emphasises the importance of empathy, sharing and cooperation


Reunir las ventajas de ...

To gather the advantages of ...
We have developed a new technique which gathers the advantages of both methods


Frase importancia de la tecnología

Technology is absolutely critical to managing our world, but even more important is the understanding and wisdom to apply it


Ponerse rojo como un tomate

To go as red as a beetroot
Whenever I talked about his past life, he would go as red as a beetroot


No poder apartarse de algo/alguien

To be all over ST/SO like a rash
You were all over her like a rash


Ser muy amiguitos y contarse secretos

To be as thick as thieves
Chiara and Rita are as thick as thieves


No poder competir con algo/alguien

To be no match for ST/SO
Gibson ran well but were no match for the young Italian


Lo que es más, es más, más aún

For that matter
How you feel with A, or for that matter how you feel with B is irrelevant


Estorbar, romper la armonía

To rock the boat
Don't rock the boat!


Broma descuido cuerpo

We look upon our body simply as a means of transport for our head, a way to getting our head to meetings


Por alguna razón

For some reason


Ese no es el caso

That's not the case
I thought you were angry with me, but now I see that's not the case


Valorar algo

To put a value on ST
We only put a value on things that are scarce


Temo a los griegos incluso cuando traen regalos

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts
Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes


Frase problema movilidad

Mobility tends to get worse as societies become richer


Frase transporte público y sociedades avanzadas

An advanced city is not the one where even the poor use cars, but rather the one where even the rich use public transport