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The nobility

Henry sometimes bestowed land to the nobles so he could:
- Ensure loyalty
- Reward loyalty
- Show generosity


- Act

Laws in Wales Act of 1536:
- Brought Wales into Eng legal framework
- Divided Wales into counties


Border administration
1) Wales
2) Scotland

1) The lands were governed along with neighbouring counties, mutually beneficial
2) Difficult to police as both sides of border had a reputation for lawlessness


Social impact of religious upheaval

- Attack on many traditional Catholic practices provoked reformist fears (PoG)
- Education provided by monasteries gone
- Sense of community lost


Amicable Grant

- Many refused to pay Amicable Grant in 1525
- Henry and Wolsey forced to back down


Pilgrimage of Grace
1) Religious motives
2) Secular motives

- Started in Lincolnshire in 1536
1) Dissolution of monasteries and its negative affects
- Fear for traditional religious practices
2) G.Elton argues that Aragonese faction were responsible
- Economic grievances
- Crowns attempts to impose Duke of Suffolk upon Lincolnshire