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Henry's attitude towards parliament

- Henry liked to have an overview of parliament but was happy to let others do the work for him
- Changed a lot as Henry's use of parliament greatly varied


The end of councils
-- Wolsey

- Henry became disenchanted with senior councillors
- He preferred to assert total dominance
-- Wolsey emerged as a singular dominant political figure as he was close to the King and complemented his hands off policy


1) Court of chancery
2) Star Chamber

1) As Lord Chancellor Wolsey was responsible for upholding fair justice - court dealt with minor issues eg wills - was very slow and got clogged up
2) Became the centre of gov. and justice under Wolsey


1) Tudor subsidy
2) Eltham ordinances

1) Wolsey greatly changed the way subsidies were collected, he directly assessed the nations wealth t decide tax rates
2) Wolsey rearranged royal household so he could gain control over Privy Chamber


King's Great Matter

- By mid 1520s Henry had become dissatisfied with CofA
- To complicate this he had fallen in Love with AB
- Henry required Wolsey to secure and annulment from the Pope
- Henry argued that Leviticus made marriage to CofA illegitimate - didn't work
- Catherine appealed to the Pope


Fall of Wolsey

- In 1529 the Pope sent a diplomat to close the case which sealed Wolsey's fate
- Wolsey was already unpopular
- In 1529 he was charged with praemunire but died on 29th Nov


Exploiting weaknesses in the Church

- The Catholic Church had been weakened by Humanist influences
- Henry had been supplied with intellectual justifications which looked to justify the divorce on legal and historical principles


Pressurising the Pope

- 1532 Restraint of Annates, withheld Popes income
- 1523 Formal submission of clergy to Henry VIII


Acts of Parliament
1) Act in Restraint of Appeals
2) Act of Succession
3) Act of Supremacy
4) Treason Act

1) 1533, Cromwell declared that Henry had an imperial jurisdiction and appeals couldn't be sent abroad
2) 1534, Declared that the succession should be based of AB's kids and making marriage to CofA void
3) 1534, Henry became Supreme Head
4) Treason could committed by word spoken against the King


Fall of Cromwell

- By 1540 his influence was declining
- Arranged the failed marriage between Henry and AofCleves


Government in Henry's last years

- The major change was the revert to conciliar government
- Fall of Cromwell saw the emergence of Privy Council